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Stargate Resistance is a small-scale TPS (Third Person Shooter) OSV (Over the Shoulder View) Multiplayer Deathmatch originally developed and published by Firesky Studios, but which has recently had development switch to Dark Comet Games. It has multiple points of interest for the MMO crowd in general, especially in its relation to Stargate Worlds.

The game allows you to play as both factions from the original series (Stargate SG-1): Stargate Command and the System Lords. Each faction has three classes available. What makes Stargate Resistance special is its differences from most class-based games. Each class for either side has no comparable opposite number, every class is unique and has its own strengths and weaknesses. The Soldier has the fast firing P90, the Jaffa the powerful but slow Staff Weapon, the Commando the long ranged sniper rifle, the Goa’uld the short-ranged hand device. Thus, playing either side is a unique experience, with very different tactics and possibilities.

What may interest some is the ideology as well as the potential shown by Stargate Resistance. The game was developed by Firesky Studios, the same people making the up-and-coming MMO Stargate Worlds. Some may be aware that Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment filed for Chapter 11 (corporate bankruptcy) a while ago, but development still continues.

Stargate Resistance was designed as a proof of concept, proving that Firesky was capable of delivering regularly updated, balanced combat system. It is also a means for a small amount of fund raising to continue the production of SGW.

You can choose to play System Lords or Stargate Command, each with three unique classes. Here is a rundown of the Stargate Command classes.


  • Your main weapon, the P90, fires fast and accurate but damage per bullet is low. For this reason you need to be able to keep a steady aim on your opponent, not just spray and pray.
  • For those pesky shielded Goa’uld who simply refuse to die to your bullets, the Grenade Launcher is your weapon of choice. Blast damage and high damage means this can be devastating to a bunched up group of Jaffa and will also reveal an Ashrak who is hiding nearby. Beware of the Grenade Launcher’s long reload times and remember to reload it after a melee, so that you don’t end up trying to fire off a grenade only to find the chamber empty.
  • Smoke grenades are useful to cover yourself and your squad, emitting white smoke that completely hides you. Use it to cover team mates in an advance or to hide a Scientist’s turret that is about to appear, leaving your enemy shooting wildly but receiving accurate death from within the cloud. Remember that smoke grenades can disadvantage you as much as advantage you. Invisible Ashraks will be even more difficult to find here and marks such as glowing eyes or a shield will be all but impossible to see inside.


  • Your emphasis should always be on long range. Your sniper rifle can easily drop a Jaffa or unshielded Goa’uld and can also track an Ashrak with its thermal sights. Find somewhere nice and isolated, preferably where there’s no way to approach you from behind, settle down and start counting kills. Be aware that while scoping, you will have tunnel vision and be severely reduced in your ability to watch out for an Ashrak sneaking up behind you, which bring us on to the next item…
  • Claymores, explosives, mines. Exploding devices are your best friend. These smart little bombs can be placed somewhere, normally a doorway or directly behind you, and they will constantly watch, not blowing up until some juicy System Lord target is within their sights. This will protect you from your tunnel vision, hurting the enemy or possibly killing them, as well as giving you the warning you need to spin round and empty a clip into any survivors. Don’t expect this to fight your battles for you though, as enemies can still walk around the claymores and may blow them up prematurely if they spot them from the distance.
  • The .50 cal pistol is your best method of short range defense. It packs a punch and has strong recoil but a few bullets will put most Jaffa down. No deeper skill needed to understand this weapon: try to work out the recoil and pre-emptively adjust your aim for it. Other than that, simply shoot and kill.


  • You’re not a big fighter, you don’t have much health and you certainly don’t have many weapons. The Sabine Nanite Sprayer is your main tool of trade. With two different attacks, symbiote poison and healing nanites, this neat little gadget allows you to spray out the enemies and then heal your own soldiers to give them the advantage. The poison will reveal Ashraks, so spray in corners or near your turrets to avoid a nasty suprise. The poison is infective, meaning that if you can get one Jaffa who is running back to his buddies, he will infect his buddies as well, making your job all the easier. You should heal anyone whenever you can but don’t heal another scientist when there’s a soldier there instead.
  • Your pistol is nothing special. It is weaker than the P90 or the sniper rifle … weaker even than the Commando’s pistol. However, it is highly accurate and has 15 bullets per clip, making it a wonderful strafing weapon. Infect your enemies with poison, then simply pump as many bullets as possible into them until they stop moving.
  • Your Turret and Nanite Dispenser are two powerful tools. You summon them by placing a beacon, which then brings the selected item to you in a few seconds. The Turret will easily take down a Jaffa. Remember that a Goa’uld with a shield is immune to its bullets and can distract it from the big Jaffa with a Staff Weapon. Also remember that the Staff weapon has blast damage, so a Jaffa can easily pop in and out of cover while blasting your Turret to bits. You want to put your Turret somewhere where it can ambush someone and it isn’t easy to attack. Also remember that your Turret WILL NOT TARGET invisible Ashraks, meaning that you should keep a healthy (for you anyway) cloud of poison around it if you want to discourage them.
  • Your Dispenser allows you to heal many people at once, and at a faster rate than your Nanite Sprayer. People will often cluster around these, so remember to put it somewhere where your hostile neighborhood Jaffa can’t shoot off his blast damage to hurt a whole bunch of people at once. Used behind cover it can allow team mates to recover damage quickly in order to return to the battlefield.

Stargate Resistance is currently available on Steam for $19.99 and is currently the Direct 2 Drive deal of the week. The game is frequently updated with maps released periodically. Come back next week for a set of tips and tricks for the frightensome leaders of the Jaffa, The System Lords!

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