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I don’t tend to post links here unless there’s something exciting to say about them. I do have a twitter account though and when I find interesting links to do with gaming that don’t warrant a post, I post them there. I tend to do a link every day or two – if you want a constant influx of gaming posts then Digg is still your best bet.

Here’s the recent history (the last ten days) as an example of the type of thing you can expect to see on my twitter feed:

Useful tutorial on how to behave on an internet forum:
Nonsense, any facebook decline is due to the shitty apps, not because it’s too popular:…
I’m not sure which is worse, Hello Kitty Online or this:
Gamers learn from failure:
I don’t know what this game is but I want it just for this cutie:
Has anyone tried Pirates of the Caribbean Online yet? (it’s free)…
Hamsters know how to have fun:
Halifax blocks WoW subscriptions:
7 most controversial games:
There goes my weight-loss plan:

If you are interested in the occasional, somewhat random link about the internet and gaming, feel free to watch And if you have your own twitter, let me know in the comments here and I’ll watch you back. :)

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