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*click* This is a just another channel — but it’s neat because it’s a gamer channel.

They are focusing on offering game videos. Are they aware that the huge majority of these videos are really really bad? Each video has a rating, based on the number of “likes”. I can’t help but think “Mikey likes it!” when I look at the videos. Am I showing my age?

We’ve spent the past several months developing a free client application that can record video from some of the most popular PC games. The WeGame client is tightly integrated with the site, so all it takes is a simple click of your mouse and your video is online for gamers around the world to watch.

There’s a logic to focusing on gaming although I’m sure major dilemmas are right around the corner! Is it OK if the video is from the game but the sound is from my ipod? Can I mash it with stills from my webcam? Should The Guild be on youtube or on WeGame?

Meanwhile, I’ve had a short clip in mind for ages – testing out their software gives me the perfect excuse.

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  • Tipa wrote:

    Fraps + Youtube works for me.

  • Taymar wrote:

    Yeah, my gut instinct is that there just isn’t a good reason to separate them out. I haven’t tried the software out yet, if that’s really good / simple, then it’ll make a difference. Otherwise, I am not sure there’s a point at all.