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Recently it seems there is a focus on massively multiplayer environments for girls. You can tell they are for girls because they are pink and they include shopping. I suppose that’s got to be less alienating than heroic women fighting in chainmail bikinis, so I really shouldn’t complain. But take a look at these, aren’t they a bit, well, spooky? If you have more info, then let me know. I have no intention of trying any of these out!

Barbie Girls and Ty Girlz

I wasn’t allowed Barbie dolls when I was growing up – my mother felt the peroxide blonde hair and boyfriend accessory were sending the wrong message. The message on these pre-teen competitors to Second Life is very clear: no boys allowed. Not even Ken. Last month the month the Washington Times reported that Barbie Girls have 10 million registered users – that’s a lot of grrl power!

Neither of these has any actual gameplay as far as I can see: you can meet with your friends to shop or have a slumber party in your room or just hang out. Ty Girlz is at least slightly less relentless with the pink. I’m not sure why they make such a fuss about girls only, I can’t imagine a boy managing to make it through the sign-up without gagging. I sure couldn’t.

Hello Kitty Online

I’m actually a big fan of Hello Kitty Hell, a site dedicated to complaining about Sanrio cuteness in all its forms. Hello Kitty’s stare has always freaked me out and I just can’t imagine being able to immerse myself in that much cute … despite a vague curiosity as to how the “sophisticated combat system” could actually work.

But don’t despair! Tipa over at West Karana says she’s going to create a video application to get onto the Hello Kitty Online closed beta. She’s made of stouter stuff than I am, I can tell you that.


Guppyworks describes this as an MMO for girls (is it just me that is bugged by the lack of a noun in MMO?) – it sounds like a mashup of Barbie Girls and Neopets. There is this summary on Wonderland:

It’s Danish, it has AI, and is about cuddling critters, by the looks of it.

It’s a lot less pink but the big staring eyes give me the creeps – and that’s just the girls! The Guppies themselves look like they ate their previous owners and are just waiting for you to fatten up a bit.

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