MMORPG Info Logo The Guild – Episode 7

Episode 7 of The Guild just went live for your viewing pleasure.

Apparently, the original episode 7 was long enough that they split it into two – which shows, I think. I do feel that they’ve chosen the perfect end-point, however. I’ve really been enjoying this “sitcom webisode” and I’m looking forward to episode 8 – although I wonder if they may be in for some flak for the crying kids in a cage.

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  • Kidsinacage wrote:

    The kids in the cage were hilarious =p Did you guys know that the Academy is now allowing online content like webisodes and online films to be eligible for nomination in this years Primetime Emmy’s. I think last year they were allowed for the DT Emmy’s, so it’s pretty cool they’re actually considering online amateur/indie footage for nomination this year. If you’re interested or want to read more, check out I’m workin with the Academy to help spread the message about the new nominations, so if you get to check it out let me know! And spread the love =)

  • Taymar wrote:

    I didn’t know that – next webisode of the Guild, I’ll post about it :)