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The rush is on: Bioware are now accepting sign-ups for beta-testing Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is an MMORPG being developed by BioWare with LucasArts. The setting is over 3,000 years before the rise of Darth Vader and a few centuries after Knights of the Old Republic.

News post: Star Wars: The Old Republic | Sign up to test STAR WARS: The Old Republic!

You must be 18 years of age or older to apply and you need to register with the community.

Creating an account is a quick process. Then you will need to sign in and offer further details (CPU, System RAM, Video Card, Sound Card, and Operating System) in order to sign up as a tester. Once you have done this, you can visit the Game Testing Portal to see the status of your application.

Bioware are planning multiple testing sessions with new testers each session, although they’ve stated that testers that are exceptionally helpful may be considered for additional sessions, so if you do get selected, make sure to actually give feedback.

Note: some users have had issues with the registration pages.

In the comments, Deewe gives the following advice:

As a try to help people having issues with the registration process:

=> It works on IE8 <=

1) be sure you have the latest version of Java (Can be downloaded here, restart your PC after installation

2) Open IE, activate the compability mode (small icon top right, between the address bar and the green refresh button)

3) Go to, click on "My account", scroll down click "Yes, I would like to be considered for testing." Save.

4) On the registration page, read and if you agree, accept the terms.

5) Fill in your personal infos

6) If your are sent back to the agreement page redo the process but don't fill in your phone number (can be edited later on)

7) You are sent to a scan page, accept the scan and accept the installation of the small plugin at the top of the screen.

Note: you might get stuck here. If the system can't install the plugin, close IE, get back to your account (in compatibility mode) and scroll down to the Scan button. It was tricky for me needed a few try.

If the plugin was installed but you can't submit, hit TAB to force scroll the scan window to the submit key.

If you are caught in the loop, just keep doing it eventually its your turn to get through.

8) Eventually your are done, go back to your account and check at the bottom, it should look like.

(checked) Yes, I would like to be considered for testing.
System Specifications: [Complete]
Contact Info: [Complete]

You can update your phone number now if you had issues earlier on. (I used numbers without spaces like XXXXXXXXXX)

May the force be with you.

Having said that, even that long list of tips can’t help if the server falls over.

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