MMORPG Info Logo Secret World: A Update

Back in October, we talked about the newly announced MMO Secret World, produced by FunCom. The game has been in development for nearly 5 years, but as the new trailer today revealed, this game will certainly be worth the wait. This video was unveiled at GDC 2011 (Game Developers Conference), and shows off some of the beautiful tech and features of the game.

The new website for Secret World features a few more features than the old teaser site, with a full blown media section with many different images and videos to look at. There is also some more information regarding the premise and setting of Secret World, especially the different factions and enemies you can find in the world of the game.

As for gameplay itself, a couple of videos as well as a section of the website deal with the point-based nature of the gameplay. The forums certainly seem to be blooming as more users pour in. The Secret Societies test still exists and is still the most interesting method of signing up to become a possible beta tester.

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