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I know I have a lot of European readers and so I’m thinking this contest might be of interest. Radisson Blu Hotels are holding an easy-to-enter competition with a great prize: 365 hotel nights! I’m thinking if they have wi-fi, you could simply move in. Radisson Blu have created a website dedicated to this event: The Greatest Holiday in the World. They give you 5 years in which to use up the dates and you can choose your locations.

How do you enter? Radisson say that the winner should be someone who really deserves it. So you need submit your details on their site and explain why you deserve to win. You can submit a text entry or add photographs or drawings or even videos to support your entry. The general public will be voting for their favorite entries and self-promotion is encouraged, so you can ask all your friends to vote for you.

Whoever has the most votes by the 24th of July wins. Note that you must be a citizen of a qualifying country to enter the competition but anyone can vote.

They’ll also be choosing a separate winner every week for Creativity Awards with varying prizes ranging from gift certificates to weekend get-aways. You can see the current prizes on the Radissonblu website, currently a weekend in Stockholm.

To enter, you must be a citizen of an EU country, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland.

Most of the entries at the moment seem to be fairly straight-forward requests so I think someone taking the time to be creative would have a great advantage. If you do enter, pop a comment here so that we can go vote for you!

Find out more about the competition on the Radisson Blu website: The Greatest Holiday in the World

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  • Karen Bryan wrote:

    I’d share my 365 prize nights with my friends on Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon as a way of saying thank you for their support in building up my travel blog