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Every year it’s the same old story: what to buy for the special person who already has everything he or she really *needs*. Working out what someone wants can be more difficult. He’s already bought that new controller, she’s picked up her favorite games on launch day: what’s left for me to buy?

Last year, I bought socks. This year, I’m making it a point to find gifts off the beaten track – one of a kind items that hopefully the recipients didn’t even know they wanted. I don’t mind sharing them with you; I’m pretty sure my friends never read my blog anyway.

And if you’ve got people wondering what might be a good present this year, then just point them to this page … just as long as you haven’t bought them the same items, of course.

The Bureau Chiefs, creaters of Fake AP Stylebook (FakeAPStylebook) on Twitter, have a shop of some of their most popular quotes. I particularly like this ATM Machine Mug.

I never even knew there was a Collectibles -> Animals -> Taxidermy category until I saw The Bloggess get outbid on the squirrel of her dreams. But I can’t forget it. And now the only real question is who would most love this Wild Grey Super Squirrel for sale on Ebay:

I admit that I’d never be able to afford these but I do love the look of these limited edition Deadly Glasses showcasing the seven deadly sins. Maybe I know someone with more money than sense who is struggling to find the right gift for me? I love every single design in the set but my favourite is the chain-design used for lust:

I’ve found a number of interesting gifts on Etsy using their handmade geekery search but one of the best is this oddity that you would never find shopping in the mall: Cthulhu the solar powered emo robot. This solar-powered bugbot vibrates and wobbles and wiggles when you least expect it. The seller needs two weeks notice to make a custom robot for you but she’s happy to make it with “bits and bobs” that you suggest in order to personalize it.

ThinkGeek is pretty reliable for fun and useless items for that hard-to-buy for person. If you know someone who has everything, you could do worse than to buy them a 14-ounces of delicious Canned Unicorn Meat:

The Onion Store has a number of interesting gifts for the more cynical members of your social circle but I found the Decoy Gift Boxes particularly amusing: weird and wonderful packaging for products that don’t exist. “Wrap your otherwise forgettable gift in an Onion gift box, and watch as they struggle to feign enthusiasm for a USB powered portable toaster.” Even better if the real gift is unforgettable, of course!

And if you are still uninspired well, perhaps Laughing Squid’s video tutorial: How To Gift Wrap A Cat will help. At the very least, it should make you smile:

Here’s hoping you find a present for everyone you love and that everyone you love finds you something special!

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