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Edit: All three mini-games have been released. For a list of all the deeds available from the Mines of Moria mini-games and how to get them, see our summary.

I lost the entire evening on Unlock the Mines of Moria, the new “social gaming web site” promoting the upcoming Lord of the Rings Online expansion. I was immediately relieved to see that US and European players were not herded into separate pens but instead were allowed to mingle – although they have to go to their respective message board systems if they want to post tips and tricks.

The Flash website promises three mini games and the first one went live on March 31st: King Under the Mountain. If you want to earn deeds (or play multi-player, for that matter), you need to register with an email address. This does not tie in with your LOTRO account although speculation is that you will be rewarded a key that can be used to gain in-game rewards once the promotion has finished.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive an email:

You have earned your first Deed and unlocked the first piece of the Moria gate.

Start your quest to earn more Deeds, and unlock other pieces of the Moria gate, on March 31st when the first mini-game becomes available. There is a preciousssss reward for those who can unlock the entire gate.

There will be a total of 13 deeds to unlock with four available now (one for registering and three earned in King Under the Mountain). The only clue given is that “the more you play, the better your chances” – but once you gain a deed it tells you what actions caused you to earn it, so information is being shared quickly.

Now get playing! Click on the Mini-Games tab and select King Under the Mountain. It may take a moment for the single player option to come up – either single player or multi-player will work for the deeds. The game is simple enough – you are the red player and aiming to spread your dice all over the map. You can attack any territory that touches any of your territories with more than one die on it. All but one of your dice will attack the dice on the territory you are attacking and the highest total dice roll wins. At the end of the round, new dice are distributed among your territories with enemies adjacent – you get one die for every two territories that you control.

If you conquer all of the territories, you have won. If all 15 rounds are played without anyone gaining full control, the person with the most territories wins.

You can play single-player against five computer foes or play against other people in a multi-player game on the website.

The game rewards with three deeds which will unlock more of the gate to Moria. The titles are just for show and do not show in-game. When you have earned a deed, you will get an in-game notification (which includes which deed you completed) and an email.

Deeds for King Under the Mountain:

  • Warmonger: Take a total of 300 territories
  • Dwarven Crown: Conquer all the territories seven times
  • High Roller: 20 rolls of 30 or more

Once you’ve earned a deed, you will see a star light up on the door – hovering over the lit stars tells you which deed earned you the star.

There’s a global chat for discussing strategies and planning games. Recent discussion has focused around the High Roller deed, which people fear may require rolling eights on eight dice – ouch! Note the chat system has a rather bizarre filtering system which blocks the hell in hello, along with sm, tit and other such useful morphemes – so don’t you go trying to talk about [FILTERED]elly black[FILTERED]iths pe[FILTERED]ioning tailored s[FILTERED]ching – let alone buttresses, you little devil….

Update: Looks like High Roller is 50 rolls of over 40 points! I’ve not personally confirmed this one. To be honest, I’m still playing with the chat filter for the amu[FILTERED]t value. Much more fun than pressing [FILTERED]ons.

Update 2: I’ve now personally confirmed the High Roller deed as 20 rolls of 30 or more. Thanks Aeothilia!

Still playing? Have a go at Swig and Toss and Eleventy-Seven Morsels!

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  • Milamba wrote:

    Dwarven Crown doesn’t seem to work… I’ve conquered all the territories many times more than seven, but no deed has unlocked.

  • Inuyasha wrote:

    I was defeated 1 time -> 1 deed was unlocked

  • Aeothilia wrote:

    High Roller is 20 rolls of 30 or more.

  • Atilla wrote:

    This has to be the dumbest game perpetrating a strategy game EVER!! There is no rhyme or reason to placement, movement, application of tactics, etc. This simplistic version of RISK falls so far short of actually having anything other than VEGAS-style luck apply (in other words – YOU LOSE) that unless you are high with nothing in life to accomplish it is an utter waste of time!

  • Ryben wrote:

    Unlocked the king under the mountain and the morsels.

    In the morsels I’ve realized of two deeds: winning 10 times the score bin version and the other was winning 10 times the snack sack version.

  • Taymar wrote:

    Ryben: for the Morsels you also have a deed for getting four turns in a row.

    I’ve written up tips for Swig and Toss as well.

  • Bob wrote:

    are these gone or camn they still be played?

  • Taymar wrote:

    These are gone and I don’t know of any way to play them now, Bob. Sorry.

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