Echo Bazaar Mrs Plenty’s Carnival: The Tents

If you haven’t tried Echo Bazaar yet, you really should take a look. You can read our previous post introducing the game and refer to How to Play Echo Bazaar to get started. Today’s post is focused on a single area within Fallen London.

“Smoke and mirrors! Light and shade! Bright paint and squealing children and the roar of lions! And the music, as a great man once said, is like electric sugar.”

Once you’ve explored the Entrance to the Carnival, it’s time to brave your way into the tents to see the main attractions. Buy a stack of tickets and come explore the Big Top, the Sideshows and the Games Tent. Be sure to keep a tight hold on your valuables and under no circumstances should you ever make eye contact with a clown.

The Big Top

You need three points in Connected: for the relevant group before you will be welcome to spend time with these people in the Big Top.

Faction Result Result Notes
Bohemian Friends Persuasive Increase to Bohemian
Increase to Persuasive
Churchmen Watchful Increase to The Church
Increase to Watchful
Constables Watchful Increase to The Constables
Increase to Watchful
Also a challenge to Connected: Criminals
The Orient Persuasive Increase to The Orient
Society Persuasive Increase to Society
Increase to Scandal
Also requires Darling of the Ambassador’s Ball 1
Tomb Colonies Dangerous Increase to the Tomb-Colonies
Hell Shadowy Increase to Hell
Increase to Nightmares
Masters of the Bazaar ?

The Sideshows

The ragged little tents around the edges of the carnival attract some of the less savory factions of Fallen London. There is no skill involved in making friends here. Once you have three points in the faction, you can spend a ticket and improve your rankings by meeting with the following people:

Meeting Quality Notes
Revolutionaries Increase to Revolutionaries, Increase to Suspicion Also requires Plotting Against the Masters 1
Rubbery Men Increase to Rubbery Men
Urchins Increase to Urchins
Criminals Increase to Criminals
Zailors Increase to the Docks
Servants of the Duchess Increase to the Duchess
Spies Increase to the Great Game

The Games Tent

The air thrums with the furtive energy of money changing hands. Games of skill. Games of chance. The occasional thrown lizard snatching a bat from the air. What could be better?

Each game costs a Carnival Ticket in addition to any wagers placed.

Game Prerequisite Skill Win Loss
Lizard Throwing 1 x Reprehensible Lizard Luck 1 x Sulky Bat
Cards: the low tables 20 Jade Fragment Persuasive 40 Jade Fragments Stake
Cards: the high tables 40 Jade Fragments Persuasive 60 Jade Fragments
Increase to Persuasive
Chess Watchful Increase to Watchful
32 Cryptic Secret
Increase to Watchful
Increase to Nightmares
Dice Luck Lucky Weasel
Rare: Black Wings Absinthe

The next Echo Bazaar post will be filled with thrills and chills as we travel Beneath the Neath and back again to visit Madame Shoshana, followed by a trip to the House of Mirrors. Subscribe to the feed to be sure not to miss it.

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