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Bored with your favorite mainstream game? Here are a few free multiplayer games that are off the beaten track and offer enjoyable gameplay with no financial commitment.

Some games will claim they are free but restrict you immensely unless you pay, these are more of a “demo”. There are various charging structures but to be truly free-to-play I think the games must adhere to the following criteria:

1. Does NOT require you to purchase the software/box.
2. Does NOT require a subscription fee
3. Does NOT require you to pay money to advance in the game (e.g. in-game restrictions upon non-paying users)

The following games are all free-to-play.


A game which shows you what it would be like if you were an action movie star. It allows for a person to use katanas, pistols, sub-machineguns, shotguns and all variety of weapons as well as armor. The selling point is that to get the jump on the enemy, well, you can jump, wall-walk, climb, and rabbit jump. Basically you can do millions of acrobatics in an attempt to outwit your enemy and win in suitably stylish ways. The game is free, although the North American version has a pay-for currency (“G Coins”) which can be used on the other games hosted there.

Note: The North American servers can be quite sparsely populated, but there tends to always be a small group playing.

Apocalypse Online

A sci-fi third person game set in the dystopian future which has been ravaged by war. You fight for survival with guns, vehicles and other methods. The graphics are just so-so but the pure freedom to play with others to survive more than makes up for it. With a variety of areas ranging from desert town to lush forest, if you get bored of one place you can just up and move somewhere else. There are also “mechs” in the game (robots which you strap into and use). What really makes this game unique is that they have balanced it so that a gun user will not be overly more effective then a sword or other melee weapon user.

Dreamlords: The Reawakening

This is an RTS MMO set in a semi-destroyed world. You are the ruler of a city and must decide which heroes are to be sent off to war with the despised enemy city! The graphics are good and will keep you entertained although they are not top of the market stuff. There are 3 races that you can play as in this game, the Covenant (who are basically crusaders), the Nihilim (Magic Users) and the Thul (Barbaric Orc like society). You have the same abilities as you would in a normal Real Time Strategy, except you are up against other people, who may well beat you back down. With city managing as well as troop management, this is a game that will keep you hooked for a long time.

In summary, all the games listed here are a bit different and I hope you enjoy them. I am playing these myself and have found them to be highly enjoyable. Do you know of other fun free-to-play multiplayer games that are worth a longer look? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Spencer wrote:

    If you’re looking for free PC games that satisfy the conditions you listed, you should check out the Aeria Games site– We have 11 free-to-play games going on right now, including the North American release of Dreamlords: The Reawakening.

  • Conot wrote:

    Thanks for the heads up and ive signed up for the Dreamlords beta on your site, They all look like good games.

  • Spencer wrote:

    Awesome! We’re going into Open Beta tomorrow evening for Dreamlords, so if you check back in one or two days, we’ll be open to everyone. There won’t be a need to wait for an invitation.

  • Conot wrote:

    Nice, thanks for the info.

  • Conot wrote:

    I was wondering, are you taking the same approach as the other Dreamlords? (Of battle in the game client, city management in the web browser) Or are you taking a different one?