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Starcraft fans must watch this Korean comedian imitating the game. No, I don’t speak Korean but it’s hysterical never-the-less.

In an attempt to lighten up from all the EQ2flames madness, I thought I’d share Kaladryn’s great post on their forums:
Why I Should Win the Gigglegibber Lottery

Unfortunately, this got hidden away on the server forums and so (in my opinion) never got the attention that it should have.

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    Hmmm, must look into that apostrophe problem! The thing about Second Life is (like pre-NGE SWG) there’s a real lack of actual game content. The combination seems to be elusive – stylistic and design freedom to the players whilst still offering a serious focus for people to play/challenge/compete.

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    I\’m somewhat sceptical that a games console will get there anytime soon, consoles have too muc of that arcade heritage in their attitude. However MMOG\’s such as Second Life seem to be heading in the right(/) direction….