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Happy Birthday, Darwin!

200 years old, today. Well, if he were still alive, of course.

In honour of his birthday, here are some silly games I found on the web for you to enjoy – all with a Darwinian theme.

Flow in Games – at least that’s what I think it’s called. Anyway, it’s a very soothing and beautiful little flash game where you have to eat and evolve.

Evolution Squared – similar idea, except this time you’re a black cartoon square with a lot of teeth! Eat, evolve, move up.

Who Wants To Live A Million Years? – a quick little game on the Science Channel featuring a mumbling and rather gruff Darwin. Primarily a teaching tool, it’s still quite entertaining.

Skeleton Jigsaws – reconstruct your own fossils on the BBC site. Levels suitable for all ages.

Devolve Me – not so much a game as a chance to see what you’d have looked like if you lived a few million years ago. Upload your photo to this Open University site and devolve…

In between games, you can discover the facts on The Complete Work of Charles Darwin online.

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