Evony Scouts in PvP

This is the final post in our series on how to increase your success in PvP in Evony. Be sure to read the PvP overview, Alliances in PvP, PvP on the Offensive and Defensive PvP first to make sure you know every secret.

Summary: You should either have over 300,000 scouts or zero scouts per city. It costs a lot to remove 300,000 (or more) scouts so amass millions when you’re on a war footing. Remember that a scout bomb can demolish unscreened enemy archers.

Scouts in defence

Most of your enemies will want to get a scout report before they attack (and throughout an assault) so if you have a couple of million scouts in your city, they are going to have trouble getting a report. If you have over 2.7 million, they may not even get a battle report. Having less than 100,000 is easy to kill. The advantages of having zero scouts in a city is that a scouting mission doesn’t tell the enemy if the gates are open or closed and there is no loss of loyalty for the defending hero.

So: amass scouts together in a single city, aim for 300,000 plus or they aren’t really doing a defensive job at all. If you are going to be doing a lot of attacks then you’ll want millions of scouts but once you’ve had the scout screen destroyed, it is tough to build back up. If you are mostly defending then you can do with very few scouts.

If you have a million scouts and three cities, then there is some merit in splitting them while you are online (and thus able to amass them quickly at a targeted city). On the whole, it is safer to give the enemy some information in exchange for guarding your scouts. The placement of your scouts means you can control what information you let the enemy have.

Scouts in attack

Scouts can be used offensively in two ways. Obviously, you’ll want to know what your enemy has in their city and if they have 300,000 scouts to fight your scouts then you’ll need to kill them first. You’ll probably need about 700,000 scouts to defeat 300,000 so having a lot of scouts is pretty reasonable behaviour when you go to war footing. Each 100,000 more than that they have is going to cost you about 300,000 to kill. The advantage of this is that you’ll shed a lot of honor onto them before you even start with wave attacks. They could call for allies to reinforce them with scouts and then you’ll likely loose all your scouts without even getting a report so try to do it when they are offline. Send a high attack hero with your scouting and you should kill more enemy scouts.

The other way to use scouts offensively is the ‘scout bomb’. This is a tactic where you attack with just scouts – normally scouts are the last into the fight but if you only send scouts then they rush in. They target the force with the largest total attack and, if your target hasn’t protected their soft archers, your 100,000 scouts will kill about 15 to 25 thousand archers (depending on the intelligence of the defending hero and the attack of the attacking hero). This isn’t a great ratio in terms of material or build time (unless you have a lot less honor) but the main thing is that scouts are very fast. A million scouts reduce a respectable 200,000 archers to a vulnerable 50,000 or less and another 200,000 leaves them pretty much defenceless.

A scout bomb that finds a tough unit has the highest total attack will run into them, killing just a few thousand. Any unit with a high total attack can distract a scout bomb (or a cavalry assault – though cavalry assaults are more robust). In the PvP defence section I recommend the use of swordsmen to defend against scout bombs but some people use warriors (you need 2.5 times as many warriors as archers rather than just 20% more).

Aach has reached the top ten prestige list and the top of the honor ranks without spending a penny.

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