Evony PvP on the Offensive

Part Three of our series on PvP in Evony. Be sure to read the PvP overview and Alliances in PvP before you go on the offensive!

Summary: Find out the enemy play times, don’t telegraph the attack, use waves to clear their layers and defences. Finish off opponent’s archers with a mass of cavalry. Co-ordinate with allies against tough nuts. Use cavalry waves to reduce your opponent’s loyalty (which takes at least 90 mins). You can’t capture your opponent’s last city. If it is not their last city, you can capture it but you need a spare city slot.

The key to attacking someone is to be sure that they are offline. Ideally, you want to attack by surprise. A good way to do subtle surveillance is to scout the NPCs near to them – check the levels of food and work out how long it is since that NPC was attacked (they refresh 80 times over 8 hours at six minute intervals).

Attacks on valleys can provoke a response to give you more information. You could get a second account or friendly member of another alliance to do that without flagging yourself up as aggressive. If your target responds straight away, you’ll know they are online. The time at which they recapture the valley is probably close to the time that they log on (unless they are cunning).

Surprise is a critical factor. If an enemy is expecting to be attacked they will pay more attention to the game and to their defences, they may even get a standing garrison. Try to get a distant ally to scout your target or ideally someone from another alliance altogether: most players won’t feel as threatened by a distant enemy sending scout missions.

Attacking a city needs you to consider the defences as they support the army. The best way to kill the archers is to use cavalry but to use cavalry and cataphracts against archers you need to clear the traps and abatis and the layers.

  • Traps: send waves of 20 warriors per trap until gone (rockfall should go too)
  • Abatis: waves of 20 cavalry per abatis until gone
  • Cavalry: a wave of 50 warriors per cavalry or several waves if needed
  • Cataphracts: a wave (more if needed) of 100 warriors per cataphract
  • Pikemen: several waves of 2 archers per pikeman plus a rainbow (just infantry) OR a wave of 99,996 archers plus one of each foot may kill the lot
  • Swordsmen: waves of 5 archers per swordsman plus a rainbow (include cavalry) OR 99,994 archers plus one of each foot and each cavalry if you have troops to burn
  • Warriors: waves of 1 archer per warrior plus rainbow (include cavalry) OR 99,994 archers plus one of each foot and cavalry

When there is nothing but archers, ATs and siege engines left then you go in with cataphracts layered with cavalry and scouts. Ideally you want about 80,000 cataphracts, 19,000 cavalry and 1,000 scouts.

If the enemy has fewer than 100,000 archers in defence, then you can just use layered archers all the way but you’ll lose a lot of archers that way. This is where scout bombing comes into its own: reduce them to below 50,000 archers with scout bombs, then just hit them with waves of layered archer attack. The big advantage of this is that it is much quicker than sending a lot of waves, the extra cost can be offset against the reduced chance that they’ll get reinforced but if they’ve protected themselves against scout bomb tactic then this is a non-starter.

Another quick way past a defence is to time everything from multiple cities. Have one city send 8 warrior waves, another 8 cavalry waves to clear traps and abatis, another city sends four waves of 99,000 archers with 200 of each layer to take out most of their layers. All of this should be timed to hit at about the same time and then you finish off the trap and abatis clearance from the nearby cities with a ‘phract smack’ lined up to finish it off.

This takes many waves of attacks; you can speed up the trap and abatis clearing by increasing the number of attackers but it can get expensive.

Once you have destroyed defenders and defences, you should send waves of cavalry to reduce loyalty to 15. At 15 it no longer goes down from attacks but just one point every six minutes if ‘grievance’ is high enough (so keep attacking to force grievance’ up but once they have 100 unrest you can stop attacking).

You need to attack again when loyalty hits zero in order to capture the city. You can only capture a city if the player has more than one and if you have a spare city slot.

Another way to make all this happen quickly (reducing the risk of the enemy getting online) is to capture a nearby city. It is an advanced tactic but you can take make an ‘attack city’ by capturing a Level 10 NPC near the target. The post at thread at http://bbs.evony.com/showthread.php?t=79881 explains how.

Finding these tips helpful? The PvP posts to follow are just what you need to master the game so stay tuned!

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