Evony City Placement

It isn’t difficult to do well at Evony without paying money. This is a real-time game and the secret is to optimise what your cities are doing and make good use of heroes. Your opponents are doing the same – so you need to be better.

Let’s get started.

Part One: City Placement

You can abandon your first city after a look about and get a new location for no real loss. It is worth doing this repeatedly to get a decent start. Click the portrait and then click ‘restart’. You may find that you need to be out of beginner protection for this (click ‘change’ in the portrait menu) but that shouldn’t be a serious issue. You could just start a new account but that’s more of a hassle.

Aim to be close to a border between two regions. Check the maps. This gives you a nearby area that isn’t likely to be highly developed or occupied by enemy cities. You don’t want a crowded area but Romagna / Tuscany is a common battle ground so within 30 miles of 375,375 or 375,449 should be perfect strategically.

You want to find a location that has a decent number of plains about it (you are looking for 10 plains within about 5 miles). Plains can be turned into NPCs by the simple expedience of abandoning a city that you build there.

The second city you develop should be near to your first city but with a view to abandoning it. Don’t do anything lasting, just have a second academy and some lumber mills (and whatever else you need urgently) – the second city should churn out more material than it cost to build. Set it up on a level 3 plain so you will have a decent but still easy NPC to hit when you abandon it.

You should treat the second city slot as just there to make NPCs – you’ll use it a bit sometimes but mostly it is going to be abandoned. This ‘spare city slot’ also lets you capture enemy cities – provided they have more than one city. You may even be able to capture a very well-developed city (which presents a dilemma of course – give up the ‘spare city slot’ or give up a well developed city).

You can ‘walk’ your cities to a good location, build a new one in the direction you want to go, abandon the first one and repeat till you get to the destination you desire – it’s a pain but it can pay off.

You don’t want your developed cities too close to each other, 20 to 30 miles apart (or more) is fine even though it seems like a long way and will be irritating at first to move things between cities. Well spaced cities don’t compete with each other for valleys or NPCs. Also, they can threaten weaker players and support allies over a wider area: they are also stronger defensively.

It will take a fairly long while to get more than 2 cities if you aren’t paying money. Be patient.

To build your cities up, follow this sequence.

  1. Build the following, in order:
    • Cottage level 2
    • Inn
    • Sawmill
    • Farm
    • Quarry
    • Ironmine
    • Sawmill level 2
    • 3 x Cottages level 2
    • Rally Spot
    • Barracks
  2. Turn in quests
  3. Build Feasting Hall

Do a bunch of quests by using ‘overview’ options while you’re waiting and then start developing heroes.

But that’s a subject for a different day…

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