EQ2 Icon Waving Not Drowning

I used to lose a lot of time trying to find my Fishbone earring so I could equip and click it for the Water Breathing effect. Then Sixes showed me that you could put it into a macro This technique works for any insta-cast item that requires equipping to cast. Sadly most casts are interruptable but this works a treat with the Fishbone earring.

Ctrl-o calls up the Socials interface where you can add and edit your macros. Go to the Macros tab and Click to Edit a free spot. Now, drag your Fishbone earring into the main area of the interface to add the command to equip it.

Then choose Macro Step: Command and click on the Add Step button. You’ll have a blank line where you should type:

/use_equipped_item 11

This is the same as clicking use on an item. 11 is the slot for the left ear.

Then drag your normal earring into the macro interface (make sure you get the left earring!) so that you end up with your fighting jewelry back on.

Water Breathing

If you test this, you’ll hear the sound of items equipping (it’s a bit too fast to watch it) and you should find you now have the Water Breathing icon in your Spell Effects.

You can’t use this trick with the “use item” macro step because it tries to cast the earring in your inventory. You also can’t swap items in and out like this if they have a cast time because the item is unequipped before the effect has finished casting.

But I’m keeping an eye out for other items for which this will work – if you know of other useful insta-cast buff items, add them to the comments and I’ll make a list.

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  • stargrace wrote:

    Too bad that you can’t swap gear out any more in combat. Used to make these macro’s a lot more useful. Also, may want to just look into getting the leviathan quest item – it has EB on it (no clicky) and it’s a charm slot item.

  • Taymar wrote:

    The problem with the charm item is that you have to equip it – the Fishbone earring gives you 12 hours of water breathing for free.