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The macro system in EQ2 is very simple to use and can save you a lot of hotkey space. Your macros are on a tab on your socials window. The default way to bring up this window is by pressing the letter “o” and you can create and edit your macros directly in the window. You can also turn any ability or spell hotkey into a macro simply by right-clicking on the hotkey and choosing the “create macro” option. That ability will now be the first step in your macro and you can add various other functions.

Press \"o\" to open this window

To add a spell or combat ability, simply drag the icon from your knowledge book onto the edit window.

Dragging equipment onto the edit window will equip those items where multi-slot items have a drop-down so that you can choose which slot.

Choose the “Use item” option to use the effect on an item rather than equip it.

The “Add Step” Command allows you to type in command line additions, such as emotes.

The benefits of macros are many:

  • Save on hotkey space
  • Stop searching through your inventory for items
  • Combine repetitive tasks to save time
  • React quickly to situations for maximum effect

Command Macros

An example of a very simple command macro is an assist macro, to change your target to the target of the tank or main assist. The primary benefit of this macro is that it puts you on the correct target immediately, without confused tabbing around which risks targetting the wrong mob in a crowd encounter. Because you are targetted on the NPC rather than assisting through the tank, you are aware of aggro and prepared when the mob switches target and moves away from the spot. Most importantly, when you gain aggro, you know immediately and can move to the tank to reduce complications.

Spells and Combat Abilities

The benefit of putting spells and combat abilities into macros is that you can put combinations into a single hotkey and save space. It is more time-efficient as the second spell or ability will cast the moment it is able. I also like the fact that it removes the chance of a distraction meaning I miss a cast. Yes, I’m easily distrac…oooh shiney!

The queuing system means that you can only cast two spells or CAs per macro. When you use the macro, the first item will cast and the second item will queue, casting as soon as the first has completed. You can do some clever situational macros using this but for a basic macro you are limited to two steps.

An obvious candidate for doubling-up spells is buffing up, where you are casting the same buffs every time. This example combines the two ranger self-buffs which need casting after every death. There’s never a reason why I would want one without the other, thus they are tied to a macro and only use a single hotkey.

Combining Commands with Abilities

You can combine commands with your abilities to cause a certain action to happen when you cast, for example waving goodbye as you cast evac to warn the group that they are about to get moved.

A personal plea: Don’t use macros to spam.

The fact that you can add in commands seems to be quite a temptation for some. Yes, you can add in witty emotes and tell everyone in the group and the raid what you are doing for every spell you cast. But please bear in mind that this can rapidly become annoying. Consider whether it’s necessary to tell people that you are currently buffing them: if it will not change their actions, generally they don’t need to be told. Only add text to a key if it really will affect the behavior of other players, for example, “Don’t hit %t! %t is mesmerized!” can be useful in a raid context. Keep such messages down to a single line and only include them if others need to react to what you’ve done.

That said, there are times when it can be useful to let people know what you have done, for example if they should be using their big nukes or slow casts to best effect because of a temporary de-buff or buff that you have cast. It can also be useful for lesser known spells: when I first got the deity miracle Disappearing Act, I found people would break the invisibility or go back to fighting, because they were not clear what had just happened. By adding in a command step to warn people in /groupsay, the effectiveness of Disappearing Act immediately increased because they understood that I had removed the group from the fight.

More Macros

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  • Michael wrote:

    I have a macro question…. I want to cast Plane Shift then elemental blast (conj in EQ2) then CANCEL PLANE SHIFT so I can cast Soul Burn which isn’t castable while Plane Shift is active for 1 minute. No custom UIs. I have a 3 step macro casts plane shift then elemental blast but the 3rd step is /cancel Plane Shift…. doesnt work so I took out 3rd step and made a separate macro to cancel plane shift all by itself and that doesn’t work either. Can you help?
    Thank you
    Guk server
    aka Lacutis

  • Taymar wrote:

    You know, I’m not sure you can ever cancel from within a macro that way. Maybe someone else will have a better answer though!

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