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Starting a tradeskill in the world of Norrath is fairly straight-forward but it can be helpful to know where the various NPCs are located for the various starting locations.

When you begin tradeskilling, you are unskilled and referred to as an artisan. As you progress, you will be asked to choose your subclass (scholar, outfitter, craftsman) and eventually your class which will allow you to progress to level 20 and begin doing tradeskill writs.

Regardless of zone, the general process is the same:

  1. Speak to a trainer who will give you level two and the level two book
  2. Speak to a tradeskill delegate who will step you through a tutorial on crafting. This is a set of mini-quests which offer a substantial amount of tradeskill experience. Even if you know the tradeskilling process, it is worth going through the tutorial as it allows for incredibly fast leveling.
  3. Return to the trainer at level 9 and level 19 to confirm your sub-class and tradeskill class.

Tradeskill areas (but not instances) will also have a Tradeskill Career Counsellor who will allow you to change your tradeskill class choice (be aware this will reset you to level nine (artisan) and remove all your sub-class and class recipes).

Here is the list of tradeskill NPCs for Qeynos for a quick start:

Queen’s Colony

Gregory CollinsTrainer Gregory Collins is a Skilled Artisan and Crafter and will give you your own copy of the Handbook of the Ironforge Exchange which gives a brief explanation of tradeskills. If you leave the island without speaking to him, you will receive the book upon arriving at your starting village.

He is located next to the tradeskill instance at -20,-4,156.

Inside the instance is Newman Hines the Wholesaler who will take you to level two and hand you a copy of Artisan Essentials Volume 2 so that you can tradeskill on the island.

Queen’s Colony does not have a delegate so you can not do the tutorial until you arrive in Qeynos.


North Qeynos

Crafting TrainerDevona Ironforge is a Crafting Trainer who will offer you your level 2 essential artisans handbook and increase your level to 2. You can also speak to Devona at level 9 and level 19 in order to choose your specialization.

She is located at 346,-21,-91.

Jason MerrytoeJason Merrytoe is a tradeskill delegate who will take you through the tutorial. This covers crafting from levels one through nine and each quest rewards with tradeskill experience and the essential artisan books, saving you both time and money!

He is located at 342,-21,-95.

Tradeskill Career CounsellorFidelia Recolo is a Tradeskill Career Counsellor who will be happy to help you reset your specialization if you find you would like to learn a new trade. Be warned: this will set your tradeskill ability back to artistan!

Fidelia is located at 346,-21,-86

Qeynos Villages

Every Qeynos village has a tradeskill instance (EQ2i has a full list for reference) with a trainer standing next to the trapdoor entrance and a delegate offering the tutorial just inside at the top of the stairs. If you wish to change your tradeskill specialization, however, you will need to go to the tradeskill area in North Qeynos.

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