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Here’s the list of food and drink made by provisioners in tier 8. Unlike previous tiers, the stats available are not separated by type, for example, you can get +INT food and +AGI drink which did not exist in previous tiers. The longer the duration, the more fuel is consumed to make it: a stack of 5 hour food or drink costs 30 gold in fuel alone.

These tables do not include the faction recipes from Kunark, which are more akin to a buff potion than traditional provisioner fare.

The new thing about tier eight is that the stats change by level; thus both the regen figures (health for food and power for drink) and the bonus to stats increase from level 70 to level 80.

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The food with a single stat bonus offers a higher gain than food with two stat bonuses so you may wish to concentrate on dishes that give you a boost to your primary statistic only.

Name Duration Regen Stat Bonus
Barracuda Casserole 40m STA+AGI 11.2
Cabilis Cocoa Sweet Bread 40m WIS+AGI 11.2
Cranberry Fruitcake 40m STR+INT 11.2
Chocolate Chip Cocoa Cookies 40m STR 15.1
Grilled Barracuda 40m STR 15.1
King Prawn Bisque 40m INT 15.1
Salted King Prawns 40m AGI 15.1
Seared Barracuda Steak 40m STA 15.1
Chocolate Covered Cranberry 40m    
Cranberry Cheesecake 40m    
Cranberry Caramel Pie 1h WIS+STA 11.2
King Prawn in Stuffed Succulent 1h WIS+AGI 11.2
Succulent and King Prawn Pie 1h STA+AGI 11.2
Sugar Glazed Succulent Roast 1h STR+INT 11.2
Seared Prawn Salad 1h WIS 15.1
Barracuda Soup 1h STR 15.1
Buttered King Prawns 1h AGI 15.1
Leaf Wrapped Baked Succulent 1h INT 15.1
Sweet and Sour King Prawn Soup 1h STA 15.1
King Prawn in Cranberry Sauce 1h30m WIS+STA 11.2
Cabalis Cocoa Pastries 1h30m STA+INT 11.2
Cocoa Dusted Cranberry Tarts 1h30m WIS+AGI 11.2
Spicy Seafood Burger 1h30m STR+INT 11.2
Torsis Tea Ice Cream 1h30m STA+AGI 11.2
Seared Succulent Sandwich 1h30m WIS 15.1
Barracuda Bone Soup 1h30m STA 15.1
Cabalis Cocoa Bars 1h30m AGI 15.1
Cranberry Glazed Succulent Steaks 1h30m INT 15.1
King Prawn Crisps 1h30m STR 15.1
Cabilis Cocoa Birthday Cake 10m    
Cocoa-dusted Wedding Cake 1h30m    
Cranberry-filled Sweet Pastries 2h15m WIS+STA 11.2
Licehnclover Root Crisps 2h15m STA+INT 11.2
Luscious Cranberry Pie with Cream 2h15m STR+STA 11.2
Cranberry Pie 2h15m WIS 15.1
Cranberry Glazed King Prawn Skewers 2h15m STA 15.1
Flame Skewered Spicy Barracuda Steak
with Cranberry Sauce
2h15m STR 15.1
King Prawn Cocktail 2h15m AGI 15.1
Roasted Barracuda Steak with Cranberry Sauce 2h15m INT 15.1
Barracuda and Prawn Kebabs 2h15m STA 15.1
Cranberry Cookie 3h22m WIS 15.1
Cranberry Glazed Roasted Lichenclover Root 3h22m AGI 15.1
Fried Barracuda Rolls 3h22m STR 15.1
Licehnclover Seasoned King Prawn Omelet 3h22m INT 15.1
Succulent Bisque 3h22m STA 15.1
Crispy Fried King Prawn Heads 5h03m INT+WIS 11.2
Juicy Cranberry Cobbler 5h03m AGI+STR 11.2
Succulent Dip 5h03m WIS 15.1
Barracuda Rolls 5h03m WIS 15.1
Cabalis Cocoa Mousse 5h03m AGI 15.1
Cranberry Tea Cake 5h03m STR 15.1
Steamed King Prawn Dumplings 5h03m INT 15.1
Teren Field Ration 5h03m STA 15.1


Note that Overthere Ale is slightly different from the other drinks, in that it adds to max health and power pools.

Name Duration Regen Stat Bonus
Cranberry Fizzlepop 40m INT 11.2
Cranberry Juice 40m AGI 11.2
Succulent Juice 40m STA 11.2
Cranberry Cocoa Twist 40m AGI+STR 11.2
Cranberry Stinger 40m STA+STR 11.2
Succulent Cider 1h WIS 11.2
Cabalis Cocoa Mocha 1h AGI 11.2
Cranberry Beer 1h STR 11.2
Cranberry Cocoa Smoothie 1h STA 11.2
Succulent Kalish 1h INT 11.2
Cranberry Sour 1h WIS+INT 11.2
Cranberry Schnapps 1h INT+STA 11.2
Iced Cabalis Cocoa 1h AGI+STR 11.2
Sour Cranberry Brandy 1h STA+STR 11.2
Succulent Smoothie 1h30m WIS 11.2
Cranberry Flavored Beer 1h30m STR 11.2
Succulent and Torsis Tea Fizzlepop 1h30m AGI 11.2
Succulent Lager 1h30m STA 11.2
Sweetened Barracuda Blood Kalish 1h30m INT 11.2
Sparkling Cranberry Wine 1h30m WIS+INT 11.2
Creamed Torsis Tea 1h30m AGI+STR 11.2
Sweet Brewed Torsis Tea 1h30m STA+STR 11.2
Overthere Ale 2h15m Max HP/Power
Sparkling Cranberry Juice 2h15m WIS 11.2
Cranberry Wine 2h15m AGI 11.2
Whipped Cabalis Cocoa 2h15m INT 11.2
Teren Tranquil Tipple 2h15m WIS+INT 11.2
Headless Cockatrice 2h15m AGI+STR 11.2
Sarnak Negotiator 2h15m AGI+WIS 11.2
Cabalis Cocoa Liquer 3h22m WIS 11.2
Cranberry Martini 3h22m WIS 11.2
Sparkling Succulent Wine 3h22m STR 11.2
Succulent Martini 3h22m AGI 11.2
Succulent Sparkling Wine 3h22m INT 11.2
Sweetened Cocoa Smoothie 3h22m STA 11.2
Spiced Torsis Tea 5h03m WIS 11.2
Cranberry Margarita 5h03m AGI 11.2
Cranberry Sparkling Wine 5h03m WIS 11.2
Iced Torsis Tea 5h03m STR 11.2
Succulent Mead 5h03m STA 11.2
Succulent Tonic 5h03m INT 11.2
After Dark 5h03m INT+STA 11.2
Drachnid Bliss 5h03m WIS+STA 11.2
Tottering Brute 5h03m INT+AGI 11.2

Thank you to Ulija who collected and checked all the data!

(See also Provisioner Recipes from Cut-Me-Own-Tail-Ssstibbler)

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