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Tipa is ahead of the game once again, posting the latest trademark filing by Sony : Everquest II: The Shadow of Odyssey which will be the fifth expansion for the game. She predicted that the next expansion would be Luclin – and I hope she’s right with this description:

Well, no, I didn’t love Luclin as it was in EQ1. I love the idea of what Luclin will be NOW — blown apart, flying between the shards of the moon, an entirely new landscape and a chance for EQ2 to finally break from EQ1 and do something totally original.

Doesn’t that sound awesome?

But then there have been the recent lore articles posted, telling the tale of the Escape from Guk and the Flight of the Mudskipper. Odyssey could quite simply be a reference to Odus, known to be a favorite of Vhalen, who has recently left Sony but confirmed that the lore for the next expansion is complete.

Certainly it’s not sounding like Velious, which had been the most common guess.

Now that the speculation has started, hopefully it won’t take long before we get some real information!

Edit: Tipa points out in the comments that Cyanbane from EQ2-Daily made the find – and if you are interested in speculation you should keep an eye out for her piece in Massively.

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  • Tipa wrote:

    I have an article coming out later today on Massively which discusses the various speculations for Shadow of Odyssey — and Odus is among them :)

    BTW, as far as I know, it was Cyanbane from EQ2-Daily who got the first scoop on the new expansion, and he’s who I credit in my Massively article.