EQ2 Icon Live Event: Void Tempests

Game Update 47 has a new live event for players to become shadow assailants and fight off the void tempests still threatening Norrath.

This quest progresses on from the quest in GU46 and is quite similar but there are a few critical differences, including that you must clear a Void Tempest storm which is “level appropriate” in order to get the initial update.

Get the Quest

North Freeport
Go to the Academy of Arcane Science and speak to Librarian Motius Feldarn, who is standing at the book shelves near the lifts. He will give you the quest Becoming a Shadow Assailant for Freeport.

South Qeynos
Go to the Concordium and speak to Librarian Dungil who can be reached by taking the blue portal. He will give you the quest Becoming a Shadow Assailant for Qeynos.

Find a Void Tempest

For this initial phase of the quest, you will need to find a storm within your level range to get the update. Void Tempests which spawn gray mobs will not update your quest and if the mobs are green you may not get an update. I found that green storms that were within one level of being gray to me did not update my quest.

There is a partial list of tempest locations on Allakhazam’s.

If the Void Tempest is at the right level for your adventure level, you will see an aggressive mob around it, either a dark horror or a dark seepage.

Kill this and the Void Tempest will eject another mob at you. After you have killed five mobs, you should get a quest update and you’ll find that the Void Tempest storm is now aggressive and attacking you.

Kill the storm and a chest will appear. Inside the chest you will find a Void Tempest Shred. Loot the shred and your quest will update telling you to report back what you have learned.

Complete the Quest

Take the shred and travel back to the Librarian to let him know what you have found. He will offer you a note as a reward and inform you that they are very interested in more of these shreds. There is no further quest.

Collecting Further Notes

Now you can collect shreds at any Void Tempest, the level of the mobs no longer matter. The sequence is the same: find a Void Tempest, kill the NPC’s that spawn, after the fifth NPC, the Void Tempest will become targetable. Attack it and loot the shred out of the chest. You will receive the chest even if the Void Tempest is gray but you must have completed the initial quest sequence first.

There is a chance that one of the NPCs that spawns is a shadow brute. The shadow brutes only spawn as the final mob in the sequence before the storm becomes attackable. They have a chance of having special weaponry with new graphics available as a body drop, however these drops are not very common.

I have never had a weapon drop from a gray shadow brute, even though it is a body drop rather than a chest. This might just be bad luck on my part though.

Redeeming Notes for Rewards

These notes can be redeemed for a selection of fluff items offered by Note Collectors in the respective mage towers.

In North Freeport, in the Academy of Arcane Science, take the lift up to speak to Scientist Dally Scrumplecog, the Academy Note Collector, who is located at -5,7,-117.

In South Qeynos, go to the Concordium and take the red portal to find Mage Fulcrum Gearshift, Concordium Note Collector, at 721,48,101.

These items may not be available once the event has completed; several of the items that were offered with Game Update 46 are no longer for sale at the merchants.

The same items are for sale in both Qeynos and Freeport.

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