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The Nights of the Dead festivities have now started on the live servers. Hurray!

If you want to rush to find the new events, then head straight to Nektulos Forest. Speak to Altius Volfban on the Nektulos docks (760,2,-147) to receive the quest A Nightmarish Illness to find him a cure. Head along the beach to the northwest to speak to a ritualistic shaman who will give you the information you seek. Return to Altius who will send you to the Hollow Hedge to gain the cure for him.

The Hollow Hedge zone is at the Cauldron Hollow entrance at 884,7,-471

This zone also has a special event collection but be careful when collecting those shinies!


There are hauntings by a Headless Horseman in Nektulos Forest as well. This 2-group epic mob has been spotted wandering the paths on the east side of the zone, around the Valley of the Bears. There is a zone-wide message when he spawns.

According to the Nights of the Dead 2009 – Feedback! thread from the test server, in order to make the Headless Horseman attackable, you need to do the following:

  1. Run through the Hollow Hedge maze and complete the quest A Nightmarish Illness
  2. Return to the Hollow Hedge maze again to gain and complete the quest Train to Zone from the frightened gnome
  3. Complete the Haunted House (Qeynos or Freeport)
  4. Complete the Haunted Mansion (Loping Plains)
  5. Find the Gleaming Chest at the end of the Hedge Maze
  6. Loot the necklace

It seems that you must have this necklace with you in order to make the Headless Horseman attackable.

And there’s more!

Celebrations of the Dead is still available from the holiday merchants and you can now purchase the best-selling follow-up book, Celebrations of the Dead II. Take a look at the write-up on EQ2 Traders Corner for more details on the crafted items: Afraid of No Ghosts!

Be sure to do the full set of events, including the Haunted House in Qeynos/Freeport and the Haunted Mansion in Loping Plains in order to get a special appearance item at the end of the Hollow Hedge Maze.

EverQuest II Players – News – Article 3286

New features:

  • New Haunted Hedgemaze in Nektulos Forest!
  • New holiday collection.
  • New Headless Horseman in Nektulos Forest.
  • New rewards for some of the old Nights of the Dead Events!
  • New illusions from the goblins.
  • New costume illusions available from holiday merchants.
  • New holiday recipe book.

Returning features:

  • Trick-or-treating in Qeynos and Freeport.
  • Haunted house in Qeynos and Freeport.
  • Ponchy’s quest line in Antonica.
  • Decorations in the cities.
  • Goblins who cast costume illusions.
  • Haunted Mansion in Loping Plains.
  • Candy drops for tradeskilling.
  • Holiday tradeskills are back.
  • Purchaseable costume illusions.
  • Neriak’s clandestine
    (and smashable) decorations!

The celebrations will continue until November 9th. Read Kiara’s story with screenshots for the event and Nights of the Dead wallpaper: EverQuest II Players – News – Article 3286

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