EQ2 Icon Mushroom Rings

The enchantment has returned and the magical mushroom rings can be found all over Norrath.

The mushrooms appeared at 12:01am PDT on the 20th August which is 09:01 GMT.

They will remain in the world until until 11:59pm PDT on the 21st which is 08:59 GMT on the 22nd.

Zone Location Waypoint Quest Collection
Enchanted Dryad Grotto Antonica -698,-4,622 Pollution Problem Dryad Leaves
Enchanted Naiad Grotto Enchanted Lands -278,5,15 Naiad Aid Naiad Scales
Enchanted Zygomyd Grotto Nektulos -367,0,-681 Earthly Tasks Mushroom Spores
Enchanted Fay Grotto Greater Faydark -128,-44,-770 Seasonal Blooms Flower Petals
Enchanted Brownie Grotto Darklight Wood 14,-23,-236 Festive Flowers,
Strong Brew Root Beer
Tree Bark

You can find the full details on our guide to Magical Mushroom Rings including all the merchant items so you can better plan your house decorating.

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