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The Synod Reet are a clan of Krupp frogloks hiding from the Sathirians in the Crypt Grounds in the Kunzar Jungle. They are hoping to rescue their enslaved brethren and once you earn their trust through Assistant Pubbit, they will happily accept your help.They can be found in the southwest of the zone. Murkdwellers’ River is the closest sokokar post to the Crypt Grounds.

There are a few solo quests in the Jungle around Dalnir’s Wheel but the majority of the quests are in Sebilis and you will need a group to complete the heroic quest lines there. You must have achieved level 74 to begin this quest line. The repeatable faction quests are also heroic and take place in Sebilis.

Beware: killing the risen brittlebones in the area give negative faction with Synod Reet.

Gaining Faction

You will be KoS to the Synod Reet and the skeletons in their area until you complete the initial quest in their series, For the Love of Reet. Speak to Assistant Pubbit at 365,-110,896 – dodging the risen brittlebones in the area, avoid killing them if possible. Once you have completed his quest you will gain 35,000 faction with Synod Reet and the frogloks and the skeletons will no longer be KoS. Assistant Pubbit will ask you to enter the camp and speak to Foreman Guppka, who has further quests for you in the heroic dungeon of Sebilis.

Duz Heronimous and Speaker Rup also have quests for you in the Jungle which can be completed solo.

Boppit and Special Agent Froak have further quests in Sebilis. The initial quests from Special Agent Froak do not require killing and so can, with a bit of patience and care, be completed solo.

Kupput, the Synod Reet mender, offers a further quest in Sebilis, Steel to be Stole, which does not require killing and so can also be completed solo. This opens up the repeatable quest Swords to be Swiped to kill 8 iksar in Sebilis. The repeatable quest is heroic and pays out in 5,000 faction.

There is an additional repeatable quest, Sathirian Hunting Party, which requires specific mobs: the Praetorians at the entrance to Venril Sathir’s Lair. As this is quite deep in, Mender Kuppet’s quests are faster route for gaining faction via repeatables.

Benefits of Faction

At 20,000 faction, Mender Kuppet at 487,-96,909 is finally willing to repair the damage done to my gear by doing his dirty work in Sebilis. You’ll also gain a new revive point: River to the Fens of Nathsar at the Murkdwellers’ sokokar post.

Once you reach ally faction (40,000 or more), you will be able to purchase faction items from Bulgup Urple, located under the tent at 475,-97,908.

Ally faction is also needed for the Assassin, Druid, Defiler, Paladin and Ranger epic weapon quests.

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Name Level Type Slot Mit Stats HP PWR Resists Effects Cost
Battleshaman’s Chainmail Boots 72 Chain Feet 314 30 Wis
25 Str
10 Sta
100 100 600 Magic
900 Poison
Memory Lapse 5p39g
Bok Knight Greaves 75 Plate Feet 475 32 Str
25 Int
20 Sta
15 Agi
115 125 624 Magic
1014 Poison
+9 In-Combat Power Regen 5p39g
Krup Belt of Evasion 75 Waist 36 Agi
25 Sta
16 Int
15 Str
70 130 975 Magic
585 Mental
+1 ranged
+1 Ranged Crit Chance
+42 CA damage
Sash of the Ilis 73 Waist 36 Int
10 Agi
65 130 624 Heat
975 Magic
+10 In-Combat Power Regen
+45 spell damage
Sorcerous Alacrity I
Sebilite Bone Bracelet 73 Wrist 34 Wis
30 Sta
10 Agi
125 125 975 Heat
624 Magic
+2 Heal Crit Chance
+20 heal amount

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