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The City of Jinisk is to the west of the wilds and inhabited by Iksar with more than their share of domestic issues. This is a particularly useful crowd to get faction with because they have a broker and a banker, which they will happily give you access to once they begin to think kindly of you.

There are quests in the City of Jinisk that require you to kill members of Ry’zilk’s Renegades, which is itself a faction with merchant rewards (including a very nice belt for tank types). Bear in mind that it is always possible to gain ally with all the factions in the Jungle via repeatable quests. The faction gained with the City of Jinisk is much higher than the faction lost with Ry’zilk’s Renegades so there is no need to skip those quests although you may wish to avoid senseless slaughter as there is a 25 point faction reduction per kill.

If you enter Kunzar Jungle from the northern zone-line in the Fens, you’ll find their city just down the path but, as with all the factions in the Jungle, they start out KOS. For each faction, a single quest is offered to up your faction to threatening so that you can visit the camps without fear. The Jinisk city also has tradeskill benches that you can use once you have done the initial quest, although you will have to bring your own fuel.

Gaining Faction

Directly at the zone-in is Trader Hisk Varn who has the quest Rug Deliveries specifically for adventurers new to the zone. This quest pays out 10,000 faction which will gain you access to the other quest givers in Jinisk. Trader Hisk Varn will then offer a repeatable quest Tiger Pelts for Varn for 500 faction each time. Many other quests require you to kill tigers and this quest is a rare update, so it is worth making sure you refresh it every time you get the 4 pristine pelts.

The questlines in this area will take you to just over 30,000 faction. To gain the ally faction required to purchase faction items from Dealer Zaynx, you will need to finish gaining faction via the repeatable Tiger Pelts for Varn quest or by killing Ry’zilk’s Renegades which are in the northwest corner of the zone, north of the city and west of the Lake of Dismay.

Note: The quest Culling the Force which asks you to kill Sonya Manx does not give negative faction and can be completed without concern of affecting the other factions in the zone. The other quests that ask you to kill Ry’zilk’s Renegades will give you negative faction hits for every kill but this is fairly quick to recover. Killing Ry’Zilk’s Renegades purely for faction is not recommended if you plan on gaining ally with the Renegades as well.

Benefits of Faction

Once you have 20,000 faction with Jinisk, you’ll will be able to use the banker and the broker in the city. You will also gain a spot in their city as a revive point. This is of limited use as the local revive point is only a short way down the path.

There is a 31% surcharge on all transactions in the City of Jinisk (buying, selling and mending) even if you reach ally faction level. If you have indifferent faction or better with Ryliss in the Fens, this is probably your closest location for selling your goods at full price.

At 40,000 faction you will be able to purchase the following items from the Dealer Zaynx at 623,37,-127.

For other factions, check our full list of faction items for sale in Kunark.

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Name Level Type Slot Mit Stats HP PWR Resists Effects Cost
Battledruid’s Hide Pants 72 Leather Legs 275 34 Wis
30 Sta
25 Str
105 105 900 Divine
600 Disease
+20 heal amount 7p00g
Battlepriest’s Plate Greaves 72 Plate Legs 490 30 Wis
25 Sta
20 Str
105 105 900 Divine
600 Disease
Overloaded Heal 7p00g
Centered Breaches of Balance 72 Leather Legs 275 35 Str
30 Sta
15 Agi
115 105 975 Divine
600 Poison
+3 crushing
+3 deflection
+1 Attack Speed
+1 Double Attack Chance
Dazzling Jiniskian Earring 73 Ear 34 Agi
25 Sta
25 Int
10 Str
130 130 608 Cold
950 Disease
+5 ranged 4p97g
Divine Jiniskian Cloak 72 Cloak 5 Wis 50 30 Power Surge 4p97g
Fine-Crafted Jiniskian Bracers 70 Wrist 36 Agi
35 Str
15 Sta
130 130 949 Heat
584 Disease
+1 Attack Speed
+1 Melee Crit Chance
Luxurious Jiniskian Leather Boots 71 Leather Feet 254 34 Agi
20 Sta
15 Str
115 100 592 Cold
962 Poison
Crippling Riposte 5p39g
Roundshield of Deft Flanking 72 Round Shield Secondary 25 Str
10 Sta
10 Agi
80 110 900 Magic
600 Mental
816 Prot
+1 Melee Crit Chance
+1 Damage Spell Crit Chance
+50 spell damage
+50 CA damage
Rune Scarred Jiniskian Staff 71 Staff 2H Crushing 72 Int
35 Sta
25 Str
100 225 Damage Rating: 82.8
+4 Damage Spell Crit Chance
+145 spell damage

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