EQ2 Icon Faction in the Kunzar Jungle

When you initially enter the Jungle at the Jinisk camp, you will find you are KOS to all factions in the zone. There are seven primary factions which have extensive quest lines and access to a mender and faction merchant based on gaining ally status:

The primary factions all start KOS but each faction has a quest giver, generally stood just outside the faction area, who will offer you a quest to gain enough faction to enter the area. This is a solo quest in every instance, so you can be non-KOS to all factions without requiring a group. Once you have done the initial quest, you should have safe entry into the faction area, where you will find various quest-lines to continue faction, many of which include killing members of other factions. Each faction has a repeatable quest for 500 positive faction which you can use to regain faction lost.

To avoid yo-yoing, you may find it simpler to do a single faction at a time, especially if you are looking to gain the 40,000 required to buy items from the faction merchants.

Unlike Kylong Plains and Jarsath Wastes, you cannot get to amiable, let alone ally, with any of these factions through the standard quest lines: you will need to do repeatable quests or kill members of other factions in order to gain anything past kindly or warmly status.

Two of the camps have heroic quest lines: Synod Reet ask you to go into the dungeons of Sebilis and the Hidden Plunderer’s send you to the City of Mist. The repeatable quests are heroic and there are no solo mobs that can be killed to gain faction, thus gaining ally with either of these will require a group.

The Sathirians are not a primary faction and there is no means of gaining faction with them within this zone. You will lose faction with them whilst doing the primary faction questlines, however there doesn’t seem to be any detriment to this as you start out KOS anyway. This does not effect your faction in Jarsath Wastes.

Tynnonium Shackle In addition, there is the Tabernacle of Pain where the Swifttail Caste hold their temple training since the fall of Cabilis. The Swifttails offer a combination of quests and arena fights in order to gain titles and progressively better melee wrist items. The final quests in this line are heroic and involve the City of Mist. The final reward is the Tynnonium Shackle:

+36 str, +36 sta, +20 wis
+115 health +115 power
+400 vs heat +600 vs magic +400 vs mental +400 vs disease +400 vs poison
+3 deflection
+2 Damage Per Second
+2 Melee Crit Chance

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