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The Fens of Nathsar lies between the Plains of Kylong and the Kunzar Jungle. In this heartland of Kunark you will find the ruins of the ancient civilisation of Cabilis. The land is named after the elusive Nathsar tribe of Kunark, details of which were lost long before the rendering. The Fens of Nathsar include the Swamp of No Hope, the southern edge of the Lake of Ill Omen and the Field of Bone.

There are four primary factions in the Fens:

It is possible to get all four factions to max ally – there are some quests which require you to take a negative hit from an opposing faction (for example Riliss would have you kill members of Bathezid’s Watch) but the amount of faction lost is trivial and easily recoverable with a single repeatable quest, if necessary.

Each of these factions has a quest line for you to gain faction with them. At the moment, getting Bellywhumper to max faction is somewhat tedious owing to a lack of quest chains.

Fens Sokokar Routes

When you first venture into the Fens you will find the the inhabitants are not very welcoming. Riliss and Bathezid’s Watch will be KoS but both will drop to threatening after a single quest. Bellywhumpers and Exiles of Droga are safe from the start unless you attack their members.

Once you’ve gained faction you’ll get access to various amenities including merchants to sell to and menders to repair your armor after a hard day in the swamp. Each faction has a sokokar post for fast travel.

Riliss and Bathezid’s Watch also have the level 70-75 advanced recipe books as well as some special recipes for Provisioners. Further recipes are going to be added to these factions for the other tradeskills, currently expected to appear in Game Update 43.

Every faction in Kunark has its own set of rewards which can be purchased from the faction merchant. You can click on the faction to see what can be purchased there. We’ve collected the full set of Kunark faction rewards so you can compare all the items available.

All of the menders in the Fens of Nathsar will repair your armor and weaponry at home-town pricing.

The honesty of the merchants, on the other hand, varies greatly. The Quartermasters for Riliss, the Exiles of Droga and Bathezid’s Watch will all pay out full-price for your wares (that is, the same as you would expect to receive in your home-town). The exception is the Quartermaster for the Bellywhumpers, who will offer you considerably less than their standard value. If you are fighting in the Field of Bone, it is well worth your while to hop over to the Exiles of Droga to sell, once you’ve achieved initial faction with the goblin clan.

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