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Our Lore and Legend Guide has been updated with the locations for Drolvarg and Drachnid Lore and Legend books. These are new with the Rise of Kunark expansion.

Drolvarg Karnor’s Castle -175,-41,58

The Drolvarg book is in Karnor’s castle, a heroic dungeon north of Dreg’s Landing in Kylong Plains which can be entered at 454,60,-390. Once inside, you need to get upstairs to the upper level and head towards the back to get Man or Beast: the Drolvarg in the Commander’s Room -175,-41,58. The mobs are 73 ^^^ and see through invisibility: going with a group is advised.

Drachnid Kylong Plains 412,65,194

The Drachnid book is in the caves east of Dreg’s Landing in Kylong Plains. Head up and around the Drachnid hill to the entrance to the Den of the Widow Mistress at 377,73,93. Follow the caves to the west. You’ll find Mayong’s Cruelty: The Drachnids on a cocooned corpse at 412,65,192. Don’t forget that harvesting the book will make you lose sneak/invisibility.

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