EQ2 Icon Danak Legion Faction and Rewards

The Legion of Danak controls the harbor in Jarsath Wastes, which put them in a considerable position of power. You’ll find the general amenities of the city in the Danak Shipyards, it is worth gaining their favor alone for the shopping and banking benefits in the Wastes.

There are two strongholds, with representatives of Danak at the Barricade in the western Badlands and south at Danak Shipyard. The faction questline actually starts with Agent Zhatia, who the Sel’Nok have asked you to speak to as a part of their questline. As with the other quests in Jarsath Wastes, you will require level 75 to start this quest line. The quests are fairly linear but there doesn’t appear to be chance of ending up out-of-synch that’s been seen with the Sel’Nok and Skleross.

This faction, like the others in Jarsath Wastes, is set up to be gained completely and thoroughly by quests alone.

Gaining Faction

Agent Zhatia, located at 395,5,-352 underneath the Iksar Hero Statue, is not actually from the Danak Legion but is happy to help you find work for them. Killing 12 hoplites and delivering them to Lance Corporal Sonoriss in the Upper Command post will net you 31,500 faction so that you can now travel through the barricade and into the shipyards in safety. He’ll pass you on Sergent Slithess who will offer you a set of quests.

Once they’ve stopped wishing you dead, you’ll find there are various quest givers. The Legion of Danak does not have a clear timeline like the other Jarsath factions. However, there are pre-requisites to gain the high faction questline which you’ll need to gain ally.

Although the quests start with Sergeant Slithess, you will not be able to complete his quest line until you have done Seeking Sergeant Slithess, offered at the end of a series from Lieutenant Daniss in the Danak Shipyards. Sergeant Slithess will not offer you Commanding Attention until you’ve passed on the message from Daniss . Once you’ve completed that quest, you’ll be offered an a new set of quests from Commander Glish in Skyfire, starting with Your Glish is My Command(er). He has four quests which each offer 12,500 faction with the Legion of Danak.

You should be able to reach ally faction from the quests alone, however if you do need to repair faction, you’ll find that killing Dracurions (Droag) in Skyfire will gain you positive faction with the Legion of Danak.

Benefits of Faction

At negative indifferent (that is, over -10,000 faction with Legion of Danak) you will be able to use the bank at Danak Shipyard, run by Kilriss Zessch at -253,-34,1132

At positive indifferent (over 0 faction), the merchants will be happy to deal with you, but be warned! Not all of them have your best interests at heart.

Darelen Stirg, located near the banker at -251,-34,1117, will accept your collections, saving you a journey back to Teren’s Grasp. She will also purchase your goods from you at home-town pricing.

Eviss Ryiss, the Danak Quarter Master is located at -105,-40,1106 and also will purchase your goods at home-town prices.

Utandar Rizndown, the Danak Foreman standing at the forge at -118,-43,1122 is the local mender and does not mark up his prices for outsiders at all, so you can mend at the shipyard without fear of being taken advantage of.

There are two merchants in the tradeskill area, Gore is at -172,-33,1087 and sells Recipe Scrolls and nearby is Rhe’taxus who sells fuel. Although both will happily accept your business once you’ve reached positive indifferent, they charge a premium for their wares and so should only be used in emergencies. In addition, they do not offer full price for items sold to them. Considering there are honest merchants next door, I would recommend avoiding these two con-artists if possible.

Danak Shipyards also has a hidden fence, allowing you access to the broker. Take the lift at -13,-43,1214 and follow the breakwater to Ssorn Stob, Fence, at -127,-38,1618.

Once you have amiable faction (10,000+) you can purchase Advanced Recipe Books for level 76-79 from Eviss Ryiss the Quarter Master at a price of 10g36s80c each. Low-level adventurers with 75+ faction can work with the Danak via a tradeskill quest and writs. Ryiss also sells a specialist tome, Sathirian Magma Recipes, which offers unique provisioner recipes for cooking with magma fish. Further recipes for each tradeskill become available at 20,000 and 30,000 faction and sell for 12g96s each.

Every faction in Jarsath Wastes has one piece of the Warp Hammer for sale. The Legendary Hammer Foot is available from Eviss Ryiss the Quarter Master for 1g20s once you have 40,000 faction with the Legion of Danak. You will need all three parts in order to create the Warp Hammer, which offers swift travel to Kunark.

Once you have acheived ally status (40,000 faction or more) you will be able to purchase the faction rewards items from Eviss Ryiss the Quarter Master, located at -105,-40,1106. He sells the Legendary Hammer Foot for 1g20s which is one of three parts required to create the Warp Hammer (you must have the quest as well as the faction to purchase this item). He also offers the following armour and equipment:

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Name Level Type Slot Mit Stats HP PWR Resists Effects Cost
Benevolent Legion Pendant 76 Neck 34 Int
25 Wis
15 Sta
10 Agi
120 130 948 Cold
593 Disease
Benevolent Alacrity II 4p97g
Chord of the Danak Legion 77 Waist 36 Agi
25 Str
25 Sta
10 Int
95 120 960 Magic
600 Poison
Divine Restoration 7p46g
Corporiss’ Cloak of Salvage 79 Cloak 16 Int 50 75 492 Heat
492 Magic
+20 Spell Damage 7p46g
Danak Earring of Service 79 Ear 38 Str
20 Wis
20 Int
15 Sta
110 140 948 Mental
615 Divine
Swift Recovery 7p46g
Danak Regimental Bracers 79 Leather Forearms 281 38 Wis
30 Sta
25 Int
125 120 984 Heat
574 Poison
Mana Leak 8p08g
Dansiss’ Braclet of Honor 77 Wrist 36 Agi
25 Str
25 Sta
10 Int
90 115 960 Heat
600 Mental
Assassin’s Thirst 7p46g
Droag Slayer’s Pauldrons 79 Plate Shoulders 441 34 Sta
20 Str
20 Agi
100 80 656 Heat
902 Cold
+3 Parry
+4 Defense
Gussets of the Danak Protector 79 Plate Forearms 500 38 Str
30 Sta
22 Agi
100 140 984 Heat
615 Poison
+6 Crushing
+6 Piercing
+6 Slashing
+2 Melee Crit Chance
Sergeant’s Pauldrons of Impact 79 Plate Shoulders 500 38 Wis
30 Sta
135 140 984 Cold
615 Divine
Impact Conversion 9p70g

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