EQ2 Icon Burynai and Yha-lei Lore and Legend

We have a list of every Lore and Legend book in Norrath, to save you time and effort as you gain your mastery abilities.

These two lore and legend books were introduced with the Rise of Kunark and are located in the Fens of Nathsar. You’ll need to be able to take on solo mobs in their 70s in order to complete these quests


The Tales of the Burynai

Burynai Fens of Nathsar 219,-60,-290

The Burynai book is at the fishing village of Omen’s Call, on the coast of the Lake of Ill Omen. When you enter the building, go past the bar and you’ll find it in a crate at the rear. Once you have read the book, you can begin to collect Burynai body parts. Your quickest route is to take the sokokar to Drogan Exiles and then on to the Bellywhumper Burrows. Don’t kill the Bellywhumpers! They want to be your friends and we’ll probably need them for faction once the epics are included. Instead, head down into the Field of Bone and kill the Bonedigger burynai roaming around there, which will gain you Bellywhumper faction as a bonus. They are solo mobs, level 74 and 75 – the only issue fighting solo there is the adds.

You can also go to Kunzar Jungle to fight the level 75 Rubble-Rabble burynai in their burrow, west of the Abandoned Village.

The Coming of the True Creator

Yha-lei Fens of Nathsar 362,-135,643

You’ll find the book underwater in the ruins at the south side of the Lake of Ill Omen. Everquest players may recognise this area as the ruins of Veksar, destroyed by Garudon the dragon. There is a concrete crypt with a skeleton floating over it; the skeleton holds the Lore and Legend book. If you access the location via the coast, rather than through the Yha-lei on the ruins, you can reach this spot using invisibility or sneak without issue. There are plenty of solo Yha-lei fishmen at the ruins, underwater and above ground, ranging from level 70-72 and offering Bathezid’s Watch faction. The lowest level Yha-lei are level 69-70 at the Mudfin Village in Kylong Plains, north of Kunzar’s Edge. There are further Yha-lei, level 79-80, in the Jarsath Wastes along the river and at the coast, west of the Danak Shipyard .

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