EQ2 Icon Are You Ready for Kunark?

The Rise of Kunark expansion goes live on the 13th and everyone is waiting. For those of us at the level cap, keeping ourselves busy until it is finally available is not that easy! But there’s a lot to be done to get organised for a new expansion.

This weekend I have a list of things to do to make sure I’m ready.


I’ve been meaning to finish some of these off for ages; especially the high-level Faydwer collections which reward well in experience as well as AA. I’ll be watching the broker and travelling to Lesser Fay and Mistmoore Catacombs to try my luck with the sparklies. With any luck, I’ll finish a few collections and get immediate experience when Kunark launches.

Lore and Legend

I’ve got a list of all the Lore and Legend books and I should be able to finish them up this weekend, with the exception of Efreeti which is just too annoying for words. The tricky bit is going to be to hold onto one body part so that I don’t finish the L&L until the AA and level cap is removed. The plan is to mentor down on Tuesday and examine the final body parts for a quick bit of AA and exp.

Quest Journal

I’m looking forward to a whole new set of quests in Kunark and I don’t want to have to worry about space in my journal. I’ll be going through every quest in my journal this weekend with a strict rule: finish it now or delete it. Again, I’ll leave the very final step until the expansion where I can, but I’m not holding on to quests that I think I might someday do when I get really bored. Honestly, I’ll NEVER get bored enough to finish those Cazic Thule book quests. Why have I still got them?


New recipes are very exciting but it’ll take some time to build up stock for T8 combines. I’ll be filling my bank with T7 harvests so that I can start grinding out T7 tradeskill writs day one. If you haven’t done the writs recently, you should take a look – you get an additional chunk of tradeskill experience when you hand in, making them very worth while!

Spoil My Alts

Fast levelling always gives me a little bit of a rush. With double experience on Sunday, I’ll be taking my lower level alts out for a spin and getting them a level or two while the going is good.

Heritage Quests

My guild has been level capped for ages, but now we’ll be needing all the experience we can get. During the experience bonus on Sunday, I’ll be stepping my alts through HQs around their level, where possible ready to hand-in for next week for some immediate guild experience.

What about you? What are you doing this weekend to prepare for the expansion?

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