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We have a great harvesting reference table on the site which breaks all the harvests by type and tier but it doesn’t tell you where to go to get the goods! Often I know exactly what I need but I have to think about where to get it, especially in the middle zones. Much simpler now with this handy-dandy list of the various zones listed by the tier of their harvest nodes, especially for those zones with multiple tiers!

Tier 1 (Levels 01 to 09)

Minimum Skill Level: 1

Zones: Newbie areas including the west side of Greater Faydark as well as the Gorowyn and Chykari islands of Timorous Deep

Tier 2 (Levels 10 to 19)

Minimum Skill Level: 20

Zones: Antonica, Commonlands, Darklight Woods, Greater Faydark (easternmost areas), Mok Rent island of Timorous Deep

Tier 3 (Levels 20 to 29)

Minimum Skill Level: 90

Zones: Thundering Steppes, Nektulos Forest, Butcherblock Mountains

Tier 4 (Levels 30 to 39)

Minimum Skill Level: 140

Zones: Zek, Enchanted Lands, Steamfont Mountains (Northwest)

Tier 5 (Levels 40 to 49)

Minimum Skill Level: 190

Zones: Feerrott, Everfrost, Lavastorm, Rivervale, Steamfont Mountains (Southeast)

Tier 6 (Levels 50 to 59)

Minimum Skill Level: 240

Zones: Sinking Sands, Pillar of Flames, Lesser Faydark

Tier 7 (Levels 60 to 69)

Minimum Skill Level: 250

Zones: Loping Plains, Tenebrous Tangle, Barren Sky, Bonemire

Tier 8 (Levels 70 to 79)

Minimum Skill Level: 340

Zones: Kylong Plains, Fens of Nathsar, Kunzar Jungle, Jarsath Wastes, Moors of Ykesha

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