EQ2 Icon GU 47 – Quick Start

Game Update 47 is now on the live servers with lots of new content for everyone. Be sure to read the full Patch Notes to see all the changes.

Meanwhile, here’s a quick start guide for those of you raring to go. We’ll have a more detailed update at the weekend.

  • The Storm Break quest is live. Go to the Mage Tower in either North Freeport or South Qeynos in order to speak to the quest giver. Note that you will need to go to a “level appropriate zone” in order to complete as there is a chest drop involved. That means if the mobs in Peat Bog are grey to you, you will not be able to get your void tempest updates there.

    Once you have the quest, find a void tempest in a level-appropriate zone. Kill the mobs that spawn from the storm until you get a quest update. The void tempest is now attackable. Kill it and loot the chest for the update. Return to your quest giver to hand in.

    He will not give you a further quest but if you return to the void tempest you can repeat the sequence to gain more rewards (but no quest experience).

  • Speak to a Grandmaster in the primary tradeskill areas in order to to get the new level 60 tradeskilling quest: Senior Crafter Service. There’s a write-up of the quest as it was on Test on Allakhazam’s. Note: Provisioners do not get a new Mastery book for this quest.
  • Visit faction merchants in order to see the new faction outfits in a dizzying array of colors. You can gain a purple one as a reward for doing the above Grandmaster quest. There’s also a green version for sale in return for the Void Storm coupons. Paxmar shouldn’t have spent all hers!
  • There are two new red shiney collections. Eq2traders reports having found one set in Enchanted Lands. That’s five known zones (Barren Sky, Loping Plains, Steamfont, Fens of Nathsar and now Enchanted Lands). The second location is yet to be found so get your solstice earring on and get searching!

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