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In addition to writs, each tradeskill faction has a set of quests given by the local grandmaster, which will reward you in faction, tradeskill experience, advanced recipe books and in some instances, additional fluff items such as clothing or furniture.

There are grandmasters in all the major tradeskill faction areas:

Name: Grandmaster Kawayzer
Residence: West Freeport
Location: 25,-12,8


Name: Grandmaster Jayak Lat’wasr
Residence: Gorowyn
Location: 2777,123,1183


Name: Grandmaster Feldmanus
Residence: Kelethin
Location: 462,91,363


Name: Grandmaster Zyrythius
Residence: Neriak
Location: -199,-4,246


Name: Grandmaster Kimbialis
Residence: North Qeynos
Location: 335,-20,-101

If you have the appropriate tradeskill level and speak to your local Grandmaster, he will press you to enter into his service and help out. Rewards vary by quest but in every case you will get the choice of a single advanced recipe book for your tradeskill in the appropriate tier. Provisioners, who do not have advanced recipe books, are given special recipe books for the initial quests but not for Senior Crafter Service (see details below).

In every instance, you speak to your Grandmaster, fulfill the tasks given by him and then return to him for your final reward. For detailed quest walk-throughs, see EQ2i or EQ2 Traders Corner.

Journeyman Service
Level: 20
Required: 50 harvests in Thundering Steppes and then create a few items appropriate to your tradeskill.
Rewards: Your choice of a tier 3 advanced recipe book of the appropriate class
Provisioners receive Provisioner Mastery volume 1
Be sure to take the harvesting quest from Duggin to go with this quest!

Note: Allakhazam’s states that level 28 and 29 recipes books tend to be rare and thus are a good choice.

Tradesman Service
Level: 35
Required: Harvest Briarwood from Enchanted Lands and Zek and then use the wood to create two items.
Rewards: Cloak with +5 for your tradeskill and +75 vs heat
Your choice of a tier 4 advanced recipe book of the appropriate class
Provisioners receive Provisioner Mastery Volume 2

Advanced [Profession] Service
Level: 45
Required: create items specific to your tradeskill, travel to speak to surveyors in Feerrott, Everfrost and Lavastorm.
Rewards: Your choice of a tier 5 advanced recipe book of the appropriate class
Provisioners receive Provisioner Mastery Volume 3

Advanced Journeyman Tasks
Level: 55
Required: Travel to the Sinking Sands and craft various items for Vanesta. A set of tinkered crafting stations is very useful for this quest as you have to craft each item in order and then hand it in. Otherwise, use the stations at the Golden Sceptre in Maj’Dul. You will need various T6 harvests and all types of fuel.
Rewards: Formal Cloak with +5 for your tradeskill and +175 vs heat, Bert’s Big Book of Health (furniture item)
You do not receive advanced recipe books for this quest, nor do provisioners receive new recipes.

Senior Crafter Service
Level: 60
Required: Travel to Tenebrous Tangle to find the lost harvesters. After following the clues to them, find a vigilant froglok alchemist. He’ll ask you to do some local harvesting (must be done at this point of the quest) to create a drink in the Hidden Refuge. Deliver the drink and gather 25 hanging roots (neither purchase nor trade will work) before returning.
Rewards: Artisan’s Formal Ensemble
Your choice of a tier 7 advanced recipe book of the appropriate class
(Provisioners do not get any new recipes as a result of this quest).

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