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Did you all spot this in the The Dev Q&A Thread – 4.6.09 – Answers!!! post on the SOE forums? It appears there will be something special for tinkers soon.
Here’s an excerpt from the Dev Q&A Thread – the bold emphasis is mine:

Q: Will you be expanding tinkered items? I would love to blast through Sinking Sands on a gnomish dirt bike with dual elemental capacitors WOO WOO And think about raising the level of our Cow Launcher I wanna pull new raid mobs with cattle

A: As the level cap continues to rise, all tradeskills can expect more recipes and items. Tinkerers can also expect a bit of upcoming live event fun, as well.

Well, I’ve been meaning to make Paxmar a tinker (she’s a very old-fashioned sort of gnome) and this reference has spurred me on – time to get it done.

Becoming a Tinker

The useful skills of a tinker are not just limited to gnomes anymore: almost anyone can learn the basics of tinkering!


  • You must have achieved level 10 in your chosen Profession.
  • You must have the Echoes of Faydwer expansion
  • You must bring a few gold for the books/skills

Travel to Butcherblock (take the boat from Thundering Steppes dock or use the druid portal if you have been before) and speak to Karsh Cogsworth at 635,26,596 on the left side of the docks. He’ll ask you if you would like to learn to tinker and once you confirm, he will set you up as a Tinker

Speak to Corianda Cogsworth who is standing next to him. You’ll need to purchase six abilities:

  • Contrapt
  • Data Management
  • Monkey With
  • Overhaul
  • Test Run
  • Wing It

Once you scribe these, they will appear in your Knowledge Book under Tradeskills as well as in the combine window when you make a tinkered item.

Corianda also has your recipe books, known in the trade as blueprints. You’ll start with Apprentice Blueprints 0.001 but you may wish to purchase the rest of the books in advance to save needless travel to Faydwer. There is a new blueprint for every ten skill levels so the full set of Apprentice Blueprints will take you through to skill level 110 which is Tinkering level 21.

It is also possible to start tinkering in Greater Faydark. Speak to Ebnix Cogsworth in Kelethin at 418,89,240 to confirm you wish to become a tinker and purchase your skills and blueprints from the gnomes standing next to him.


Getting Started

Your next step will be to make sure you have plenty of raw material in order to make your items. The ingredients for the tinkered recipes are from rocks (both hard and soft) from the appropriate tier. Although all of the rock harvests are used, the primary item needed is loam as you will use multiples of these for every combine.

The first set of tinkering recipes require tin clusters, leaded loam, lead clusters and rough malachite.

For Tier 1 harvests, you will need to harvest in newbie adventure areas. These are the small zones directly outside of Qeynos and Freeport, the west side of Greater Faydark as well as the Gorowyn and Chykari islands of Timorous Deep. You can also harvest loam quickly and easily by creating an alt to harvest in the Qeynos/Freeport starter islands and leave the results in your shared bank.

If you are harvesting on a main character, you may wish to combine your harvesting with a trip to Mara to pick up the quest A Gathering Obsession which also requires you to harvest in T1 zones. Although the quest will use up some of your initial harvests, you can fulfill the rock and ore requirements of the quest quickly and then clear the other nodes for credit whilst collecting for the rest of your tinkering needs.

Once you have your raw materials, find a work bench in a comfortable location (you’ll be spending a lot of time there) and start creating your initial recipes. You may wish to set aside some bank space and a broker box in order to store the more useful items for future use and sale.

Note: unlike traditional recipes there are no reactions to counter. Your skills have the same set of effects as in standard tradeskills:

Contrapt - decreases success chance and increases durability
Data Management - decreases success chance and increases progress
Monkey With – decreases progress and increases durability
Wing It – decreases durability and increases progress
Overhaul – increases progress using your power
Test Run – increases durability using your power

You do not gain experience based on the quality of the item you are creating. For tinkered items, you can simply create everything to the crude level and then stop the combine and create the next one. This will use more resources (although not more loam, which tends to be the shortage).

The Simple Work Bench is a very good investment for a tinker as it only makes the item up to the crude level. Simple Work Benches can be purchased at the city merchant for 6,125 status points, 1 gold, 11 silver and 64 copper.

Every combine has a chance to give you a skill increase. 5 skill increases are the equivalent of a level. Thus, to move onto the Tier 2 tinkered items, you will need tinkering skill 50.

Be sure to check broker prices as you may be able to buy various rocks for a few copper each. Typically only the loam is expensive, specifically as a result of the tinkering usage. Check prices regularly, it can sometimes be worth skilling up at a lower tier until you require more raw material in order to save money or you may wish to jump to the next tier as fast as possible if the price of loam is lower. On most servers, the loam becomes cheaper in the higher tiers, with the possible exception of T6.

Pop by next week for Tinkering by Tier!

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    nice post. ive been looking for a good guide to becoming a Tinker and this was helpful. i think my main problem is trying to get enough raw materials in order to make my items, i always struggle with that. thanks for this helpful article though

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