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A huge benefit of macros to me is the ability to use and switch my gear quickly to meet the situation, without having to rummage through my backpacks trying to find the right items and hoping that I don’t miss any of them. Once you’ve set up your macros, you can put equipment on or take it off, use items and change your appearance slots at the touch of a button. It’s important to remember to update your macros as you get upgrades to your equipment but it doesn’t take long to get into the habit of dropping the new items in as you receive them.

Equipping Items

A very simple example of this is a macro to put on the items that improve my tradeskilling when I’m in town. I have two tinkered items which I equip into my charm slots for increased chance of success and I also make sure to put on my epic tradeskill rewards, the Earring of the Solstice and my Master cloak. You’ll note the female tradesman tunic is only equipped in an appearance slot. Obviously it’s nice to change clothes now and again (I’ve been meaning to talk to you about baths, as well) but more importantly, the different outfit stops me from rushing out to a raid with the wrong set-up. When I see the tradesman tunic, I know I’m not set up for fighting and it reminds me to use one of my other macros to get set up.

Now if you have a very simple life, you’ll only need one hotkey to undo what you’ve done, with your fighting equipment in it. To undo the tradeskilling changes, I could make a macro that simply dealt with the five changes in the tradeskill macro.

However, I quickly found that I was substituting in other pieces (Spring-loaded Gnomish Stilts when jumping around Lesser Faydark, for example) and having to dig through my inventory to try to put my fighting clothes back on. I decided it was simpler to have a single macro that put me into a “base configuration”, equipping all my normal items.

This is the macro I have to make sure to keep up-to-date. When I get a new item, I add it to the macro and then click the macro to equip it. As it equips items in order, this last item will be the one equipped, even if you have other items set for the same slot earlier in the macro. It’s trivial to clean out the old equip commands in batches, simply removing the steps where the icon is blank, showing that you are no longer carrying the old equipment around. You can remove a step simply by clicking on the X.

Using Single Items

Many items are usable from your inventory and simply require a right-click. If it’s a stand-alone action, then you can just hotkey the item itself: the default action when you click on the item will be to use the item (using up a charge if it’s consumable). However, it can be useful to create a macro if there are multiple actions to be done at once as long as only one piece of equipment is being used. Unlike spells and combat abilities, equipment use does not queue up, so you can only “use” one item per macro.

Because of the way macros fire off the steps, you will find that if you try to equip an item, and then use the item using the built in command, it will fail, claiming you can not use the item from inventory. You can hit the same hotkey again, and the now equipped item can be used correctly. However, you can simplify this by adding a command step instead of the “Use” option, accessing the item via the command: /use_equipped_item. Each equipment slot has a number assigned to it, so to use an item in an equipment slot, you need to know what number it is. We have the full list of equipment slots as a part of our EQ2 references, so you can look up the slot numbers as you need them.

If your item has an insta-cast effect, you can equip, cast and unequip the item all in a single macro. This will not work with items where the effect has a cast-time, as the unequipping cancels the cast.

Items and Abilities

The lack of queuing for item effects can be very useful for using items as a back-up, so that they will only get used if the spell fails. This can be used whenever you have a spell and an item which have the same effect.

So for example, monks have a a heal which does not recast very quickly. Most monks use heal potions in addition to their self-heal in order to minimise downtime. If you always want to heal or use the pot if the heal isn’t up, you can create a Self-Heal macro which has the heal followed by a health potion.

First, set up the heal target with your character name as the target. If you don’t fill in the field, the spell will affect your current target – it’s simply a bit safer to enter in your name. If the heal casts, then the potion is left alone because item effects do not queue up, so the potion is skipped over while the heal casts. However, if the heal does not cast, then the item fires and you will use up one heal potion and receive the health from it. This means you should pretty much always get some kind of heal and more importantly, that you don’t need a separate hotkey for your heal pots.

Multiple Items

You can use this same effect for items which need specific circumstances in which to be used, for example the purification signets available for purchase at the city merchant.

Note: these require guild level 50 and adventure level 47.

The purification signets inflict damage to specific races or types of foe. You can put all the signets into a single macro, making sure the more specific versions are at the top of the macro so they will fire first. If there is no match, that is, the mob does not correspond to any of the types specified by the signets you have, then the macro fails. However, if there is a match, the signet will be used up and the damage done to the NPC. You will only ever use up one signet as the rest will fail as items don’t queue. A macro like this makes it worthwhile to keep the signets in stock for emergency use in difficult fights, without having to scramble around trying to find the right one.

In the same way, you could use different heal items in a single macro, so long as they are on different timers. So if you have a stack of Essence of Heath potions, some Soft Bandages from the Tenebrous Tangle quest and a Signet of Life from the city merchant, you can put them all into a single macro (in the order you wish to use them up) and the first one that is available for use will be used and the other items skipped.

Do you have additional macros you use for equipment? If so, let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the guide. Next up: combat macros, with a focus on setting up situational macros to save hotkey space and make sure you never waste a button press! Subscribe to the feed
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