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Great news! The new City Festival has played out on the Test server and the Far Seas Trading Company are traveling now to bring the celebrations to the live servers, hurrah!

This monthly event will be moving around the starting cities of Norrath, with the Far Seas Trading Company sponsoring a week-long festival for everyone to enjoy! Next week, when Game Update 54 goes live, you will be able to start earning tokens to spend at the festivals.

These tokens have been added as rewards for writs (both adventure and crafting) as well as special quests available as a part of the festival.

The tokens are used to purchase items from the festival merchants. Most of the merchants travel to each city but in addition, each location has its own vendor with special house items only available at that city’s festival!

I have been collecting details from the message boards which sheds some light onto the details. Rumor has it that the first festival will be in January, so as not to conflict with the Frostfell celebrations.

Here are some excerpts from the developer posts on the subject:

City Festival Feedback and bugs

The Far Seas Trading Company is proud to introduce a traveling festival for all to participate in! When this event goes live a different city will be chosen to host this week long event, once a month. Gorowyn, Neriak, Kelethin and Freeport will each get their chance to host their version of the event. On Test and Test Copy the great city of Qeynos is the first to find the traveling caravan outside it’s gates in Antonica. Adventurers will find new quests, collections and rewards, many of which are city specific! And for those of us that don’t want to wait for the festival to reach our city’s gates, we don’t have to. City Tokens are now being given as further reward for completing city writs!

Re:City Festival Feedback and bugs

It is indeed intended to be a permanent thing, much like the Moonlight Enchantments. And it will certainly grow as the months go on! But I don’t want it to sound as if I am taking credit for this wonderful content. Domino was the talented designer behind this event. She just wasn’t in today and we wanted everyone to be able to play test it this weekend.

As for the token exchange merchant, that is something we want to do. If it doesn’t make it in for this GU, then know that it is in store!

Re:City Festival Feedback and bugs

The event is planned to run for one week (7 days) per month. Every month it will appear at a different city. For instance, if the event runs in Kelethin in December, then the next event will run in Gorowyn in January, and so on.

The City Tokens can be gained even while the event is inactive through city writ quests.

City Tokens gained in any city can be spent in any festival location. So, Tokens gained in Qeynos, can still be spent while the event is being held outside Freeport in the Commonlands.

Re:Re:City Festival Feedback and bugs

The general merchant will be present in every city with the exact same items for sale at all festivals. These are items the Far Seas group think will sell well in every city.

The city specialties merchant will sell different specialties in every city. These are boutique items that the Far Seas traders think will sell better in some cities than others! So the items currently for sale at the Qeynos festival will only be sold when the festival returns to Qeynos again the next time. They will not be sold in Kelethin or any other city festival, the merchant will be selling other special items that he thinks those cities will be more interested in. It’s all about maximizing the profit for the Far Seas, of course!

At this point I can’t see any reason why items would be removed from any of the merchants between one festival and the next (unless they are horribly bugged I suppose, which we hope will never be the case). However, there will quite likely be more new items appearing over time, as those Far Seas merchants are always on the lookout to make more profit and expand their sales inventory.

I’ve changed the signs to be heirloom instead of no trade, and added some descriptive prose to make it more clear they work like the magic mouth.

We do not plan to activate all the separate city festivals on Test server before the game update goes live. Apart from the specialty items for sale, they are not significantly different, and there are a lot of other exciting events to test before the update goes live!

Re:Re:City Festival Feedback and bugs

They are not inside the cities, with the exception of Gorowyn, whose guards don’t object to anybody of either alignment.

The Far Seas merchants aren’t going to wheel entire caravans into the city and block up the streets, so they have set up their festival market area outside the city gates where possible. It should be safe for players of any alignment to visit the festivals in all cities, although admittedly PvP players will find an additional level of hazard, but that will come from other players, not NPCs…

The Qeynos festival currently on Test server is in Antonica, in front of the North Qeynos gate (out of range of guards), where the path branches.

The Freeport festival is along the path between the Crossroads and the Freeport griffon tower.

The Kelethin festival is on the grassy hill down the ramp from Kelethin, where the stables are.

The Neriak festival is in the grassy area between Neriak and the chasm. This is probably the most roundabout to get to as lower level good players will need to run around the edge of the chasm to avoid the bridge guards, but it’s definitely not hard if you want to.

The Gorowyn festival is on the lowest level of Gorowyn, in the cave just up from the dock. This is admittedly going to be the riskiest for PvPers, but if you want to mount a festival invasion raid force and try it, there’s nothing to stop you. :)

There IS a purple shiny collection within each city and it will be problematic for those unwelcome in those cities to collect those, but the collections and rewards are completely equivalent, and anyway the shinies are fully tradeable if you really don’t believe me on that. :)

I can’t wait! Do you think they’ll have clowns?

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  • field hockey rules wrote:

    One thing I hadn’t really been thinking about is that there will probably be some sort of world event for the expansion launch, so that might help fill the gap between Frostfell and February.

  • Taymar wrote:

    That’s a good point, and fits in with Brenlo’s comment of “yet-to-be announced surprises coming” in the Producer’s Letter.

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