EQ2 Icon City Festival Quick Start Guide

The first City Festival is now on the live servers, with lots of fun for all the family!

Head on over to Kelethin and you’ll find the traveling caravans down the ramp from Kelethin on the grassy knoll at 584,45, 41. It’s an easy stroll from the Butcherblock entrance or just climb up the tree and a short hike from the druid ring. As it is outside of the city, evil-aligned citizens of Norrath do not have to worry about guards.

You’ll see The Far Seas Trading Company has brought their finest wares and are bartering for tokens – now all you need are some tokens.

You can earn these by doing city writs all month long but during the festival there are additional opportunities to collect them in return for running errands for Kella Swampfoot, the Far Seas Quartermaster at 547,45,18. You can craft a few items, gather fresh harvests or travel to the Village of Shin to chase late deliveries.

You can trade your tokens for fine food and drink, general goods, and temporary clothing rental: special outfits which disappear after a set amount of time. You should also make sure to check the local specialties from Chris Weathers . As the festival won’t be back in Kelethin for 6 months, you may wish to stock up on the special items.

There is also a collection on the platforms of Kelethin, the Kelethin Postage Collection. This live event collection is marked as level 50 and requires six items and will only be available while the festival is in town so make sure to collect all the pieces.

The festival will remain in Kelethin until the 7th of January, at which point the traders will hit the road until the 1st of February when they will pause for celebration in another Norrathian city with all new local delights!

A token exchange merchant is in the works so if you have leftover tokens from previous live events, hang onto them, they may come in useful yet!

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