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I was going to write a long article today but a friend of mine stopped me. Over a year ago, I’d posted a link to an addicting game called Boomshine. This morning, he got his revenge : by sending me the same link. Now it seems the day has disappeared without a trace.

Today’s xkcd puts it perfectly:


In this spirit, here’s my top ten list of addictive flash games which will guarantee to disappear a few hours from your weekend:

  1. If you haven’t lost an hour to Boomshine it’s because you haven’t tried it yet.
  2. Portal: The Flash Version is based on the popular Valve game and incredibly detailed. I actually bought the Orange Box to see the full game after realising how addicting this little web version was.
  3. Cat with Bow Golf? You don’t need to speak Japanese but you do need a bit of a warped mind to play this game. Can you get a hole-in-one bulls eye?
  4. And speaking of Japanese games, there is the classic Hoshi Saga: a set of point-and-click puzzles in which you must find the star. And if you thought that was fun, there’s also Hoshi Saga 2 and Hoshi Saga 3! There goes the weekend…
  5. Your mouse controls a single black square. Move it around the playing area to pick up all the black squares and not the red ones. That’s the incredibly simple basis of the Squares Game … so why can’t I stop trying again?
  6. You’ll need Silverlight for the latest version of LineRider with lots of fun new features. Although I have to admit I’ve still not seen anything as impressive as the original viral stunt run.
  7. How to explain Grow? It is a puzzle game where you click the items to choose the order to add them to your world. They interact with each other to level up the panels of the cube. Perhaps you’d do as well to just go play it and come back when you are done.
  8. The basis of the Helicopter Game is deceptively simple: don’t crash. Press your mouse button to go up and let go to go down. That’s all there is to it. Somehow that just makes it even more frustrating…
  9. Physics fans will love Fantastic Contraption where you get to make your own machine to move objects across the screen. The first sequence may seem simple but the game rapidly gets more difficult until you are having to create contraptions that are, without a doubt, fantastic.
  10. Bloxorz is sci-fi golf: you are simply maneuvering a block to fall into a square hole. I say simply but once you start to see the bridges and switches and fragile floors, you’ll realise that it is anything but.
  11. 10 Gnomes is a set of photographs with gnomes hidden within them. When you are near a gnome, the area is clickable and you can zoom in. Click on the very bottom to zoom back out. You have 10 minutes to find 10 gnomes. Go!

I know. That’s eleven. I could have even carried on from there but trying to list my favorite games has meant playing my favorite games and I really do need to eat at some point today.

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