AoC Icon Drunkenness Leads to Masturbation

When I checked for an update on the Possible Misbalancing of the Sexes (referred to as PMS herewith), I was almost disappointed not to have something more exciting to report, but then I found this thread.

DarlingOne found an odd problem with guild creation:

Why in the name of all that is Hyboria is the word Drunk forbidden in guild names??? Is my version somehow censored?

This is ridiculous!

Tahitoa, Head Moderator, had a rapid response:


Concerning the Naming Policy in game and the use of profanities on the forums:


Originally Posted by Social Guidelines
Please respect other users and do not use foul language and profanity in your posts. This includes trying to ‘mask’ such language by substituting letters or symbols.

Foul language and profanity? What about the drinking cape – and the NPC’s asking you if you are drunk? The point of the adult rating was to avoid having to worry about being a bad influence – and certainly there’s no shortage of booze in the game. Ah, but it’s not about that.

Tahitoa wrote:

Originally Posted by DarlingOne

What are we supposed to understand and in what way is that word a profanity? And why would Drunken be a masking of Runk?!?!?

Sometimes it does happen…for example, the word *runk* is added as it is offensive in some countries…then you go in game and try to use the word *drunk* to name a guild…the result will be d**** due to the filters.

So is not *DRUNK* that is filtered but *RUNK* only.

Hope this makes sense

Well, it turns out that runk is a Norwegian slang term which can also mean masturbation. NOW it all makes sense. Drinking isn’t a problem and hey, raping and pillaging is just a way to work off some steam. But don’t you consider taking matters into your own hands, you’ll go blind! Find yourself a prostitute, you pervert.

This is an adult game. We’re allowed to drink alcohol and we’re allowed to touch ourselves “down there.” And even if the word is just too rude to subject Scandinavian adults to, then perhaps some clever filtering is required. Trying to ban every swearword in every language to apply to every language, no one really thought that was going to work, did they?

It could be worse. The initial chat system on the Mines of Moria website had a rather bizarre filtering system which blocked the hell in hello, along with sm, tit and other such useful morphemes – so the fun became finding phrases for people to struggle to decipher. My personal best was smelly blacksmiths petitioning tailored stitching which turned into [FILTERED]elly black[FILTERED]iths pe[FILTERED]ioning tailored s[FILTERED]ching.

Just when the poor people of Scunthorpe have finally managed to bypass school filters, we hit a whole new range of bizarre banned words based on simplistic pattern matching. But if anyone does set up a guild called the Drunken Runkers, send me a tell. I’ll join!

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  • Jason wrote:

    I would be happy to help lead any charge that would create slang swears out of enough words as to make the game entirely unplayable.

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