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I’ll write some preliminary comments about the weekend beta but it’s difficult to say a lot – the client was a cut-down version and apparently also out of date. PvE was limited to the tutorial. PvP involved insta-boosting to level 20 (so most people hadn’t a clue how to play their class) and you had to cope with a laggy PvP lobby and quick instances. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t enough for me to feel I can make sweeping statements about the game.

At least two balance-breaking issues were found so from that point of view it was a success. And I finally got off the fence and pre-ordered … and I know I’m not the only one. From the slice of the game that I saw, I think it has serious potential.

But do remember that it was just a slice, not the game. I’m amazed at some of the reviews out there and some of the conclusions they are drawing from a relatively minor view of the game – especially those judging the PvE aspect from a tutorial aimed at taking you through basic gameplay.

Meanwhile, I collected some screenshots so you can have a peek. :)

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  • Openedge1 wrote:

    Could you possibly tell me what your specs are for these?…(please email me or go to my blog and post a comment)
    I am interested in what your system has exactly to get those screenies

    Thank you

  • Openedge1 wrote:

    Thank you for the answers..I wondered about some settings you were using as well…like the ground looked really blurry in some shots…so, I will assume you have not messed with ATI’s control panel software at all?
    But, was the game at least playable?

    Thanks again

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