About MMORPG Info

Tips, tricks and spoilers! This site is about getting the best out of your game. You can get each new post emailed to you or subscribe to the RSS feed to join in on the fun!

MMORPG-Info was to a great extent created to give me a central place to post my articles and guides. It’s been running for a while now and I’m thrilled to see people using the site and commenting to add helpful details.

It’s very EQ2 centric (because, well, so am I) but I remain convinced that there are a number of issues where a targeted tutorial is more useful than a straight-forward collection. That’s not to dismiss the hard work of sites such as EQ2i and EQ2traders, both of which I use regularly and which offer important help. But when I see a gap (or a guild member complains that they just can’t make sense of something), I like to fill it.

As a result, you’ll find the postings here can be somewhat eclectic. As a whole, though, it’s becoming a useful resource that I am proud to have spent my time on.